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Far Cry 5 - you're only told the bear essential information

Far Cry 5 – one of 2018s earlier games

The morning Inbox is not impressed by Metro Exodus new release date, as one reader thinks £20 is too much for Fallout 76.

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PLEASE NOTE: Were currently preparing special content to run over the Christmas and new year break, and as usual wed like this to include a number of Readers Features. So if youve been meaning to write one but never got round to it, now would be the perfect time. The topic doesnt have to coincide with the time of year, just anything video game-related that youre interested in and which you think others might be too.

A Christmas behind

So here we are, barely a week before Christmas, and Im having trouble looking forward to any of the games I have under the tree (I hope) or the days off Ill have to actually play games. The reason? My backlog is still horrendous! The only games Ive played that were actually out this year are Far Cry 5 and God Of War. I havent even started on Red Dead Redemption II and I dont think Christmas is enough time to beat it, from what Ive heard.

Its not like I havent been playing games. I beat Assassins Creed Origins, NieR: Automata, Persona 5, and Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as a bunch of indie games but its obvious Im never going to catch up with myself. I assume Im not alone in this, in fact I think its quite common, but for me at least it does take the edge off my hobby as I perpetually feel like Im in a rush or behind the curve.

How anyone plays a reasonable number of games and keeps up with multiplayer I do not know. Although I find games as a service is actually kind of a benefit in that I can just rule those out straight away and never bother. So yeah, I am looking forward to Christmas but I doubt Ill get to appreciate it until this time next year.

Kill the past

That PlayStation Classic story is just flat out embarrassing. How can the biggest games company in the world, which is currently demolishing the competition and must be rolling in money put out such a cheap and nasty little product? It has more in common with those off-brand Mega Drives you used to get than the Nintendo classic consoles.

Once again we see how bad Sony are at honouring their legacy and yet… maybe thats the secret of their success? While Microsoft obsesses over backwards compatibility theyve been making less new games than ever but Sony, going back to the PlayStation 3 at least, always seems ready to jettison the previous generation as soon as possible and concentrate on just the new one.

Their argument seems to be that only nerds care about older games and I think in reality thats probably a fair generalisation. To a bean counter supporting retro games probably doesnt make sense in terms of money spent or taking attention away from new hardware and games. Which is how you end up with the PlayStation Classic.

I dont agree with it. I wish all consoles ran all previous games wherever possible. But I think that while Sony is ahead they havent got much reason to do anything else.
The Colt

£15 to go

Today I was in Smyths toy store, mopping up a few things for the kids. While I was there I looked at the video game bit. Fallout 76 for a mere £19.99.

Now Im a big Fallout fan but even I was torn. I know its rubbish, broken, glitchy, bugged, and boring, etc., etc. But surely its worth 20 quid? Luckily my wife was with me and reminded me of my previous comments of Never getting that until its a fiver. So I restrained myself.



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172,800 seconds

Dare I say it, Im already feeling slightly board of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I mean Ive clocked 48 hours so far, but having all but finished World of Light and having collected many, many similar spirits, Im now just feeling… meh!

Theres always online but eight players on screen at once with all them explosions and flashes, tiny characters and you just rolling off the edge… shudder! What I would like to see though is a return of the trophies I know they dont do nowt, but I always enjoyed just perusing my collection and studying the fully 3D figures, add into that a little explanation on each character and I would be quite happy for one.

Also, bring back the sandbag mini-game. Nothing beats taking your frustrations out on an inanimate sandbag with a face… beating it down until the last micro-second and then launching it 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 meters! So satisfying! Do Nintendo tend do patch work on their games GC?
big boy bent

GC: We mean… 48 hours is a long time. Especially as the game only came out on Friday. Plus, eight-player mode isnt supported online. There are already patches out for Ultimate but we dont see them wasting time with trophies or the sandbag game. We do wish theyd add in some text descriptions though.

Fan fiction

So it seems inevitable – Id almost be surprised if it hasnt already happened – that fans will end up writing their own descriptions for all the spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Once its all done and it reads well is there any reason on Earth why Nintendo wouldnt just accept them and add them to the game? That sounds like an afternoons work from their end and would be such a bonus for the game and a great bit of PR. So why do I feel like it would never, ever happen?

It is surprising how much the lack of descriptions affect the game, or more specifically the reward of getting new spirits. How they could make such a huge game and leave out such a tiny but important detail I dont know. I dont think Nintendo like to admit mistakes or accept help from others though so I were probably stuck with just googling everyone.

Christmas wind down

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the GC staff, readers, contributors, and of course the one and only infamous Underbox people down there – you know who you all are!

Best wishes to everyone. Hope you all enjoy your brand-new gaming goodies on the big day!

GC: Thanks, but weve still got another week to go yet and were getting worryingly low on good Inbox letters. We didnt have enough for an evening Inbox yesterday and may not today either.

Zombies with friends

Ive always thought that Zombies mode is really underappreciated, considering the amount of work that always seems to go into it. I think a lot of people are put off by the first few goes, which are always super confusing as they work out what they have to do and where to go but I love figuring everything out and finding all the little secrets.

But then I always play it with the same three friends and weve made it a kind of tradition, so I guess that helps. The new one is great too with all those voiceovers, I really think Black Ops 4 has been the best Call Of Duty for years.



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Out of the frying pan

That Metro Exodus release date change is the dumbest thing Ive seen in a long time. As you point out, Far Cry is kind of a more simplified version of Metro so why on Earth would you want to come out the same day? And with Crackdown 3 as well? Do they honestly think theyre going to outsell either of those games considering Metro has never been that big?

As a fan of the series its crazy to know that its been sent out to die and is going to run straight into the back of Anthem as well, so itll probably be months before most people can afford it or have time to play it. By which time, of course, itll probably be £20 cheaper and already classified as a flop.

Its not just Metro of course, this happens all the time. Sometimes games companies seem like sheep that just follow each other from one thing to the other without any thought as to the sense of it. Releasing everything at Christmas seems a bad idea, we should release everything in the spring instead! Oh well, I just hope the game is good at least.

Inbox also-rans

Lego The Hobbit on PC is free on Humble Bundle for next 48 hours from time of writing (Thursday evening). Heres the link. Full Throttle Remastered is also free on PC on until Saturday 15th December. Heres the link.
Andrew J.

Regarding TheTruthfulSouls letter yesterday, the game where the character is constantly running may well be Chelnov, or Atomic Runner as it was known on Mega Drive. Love that game, still plays well today.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Alberto, who asks whether you consider yourself loyal to anything in gaming?

Is there a particular console or console maker whose products you always buy? Is there a publisher or developer whose games youre automatically interested in just because of their involvement? Or is there a video game series or character that you almost always get regardless of what others have said about it?

Do you defend whatever it is online or do you try to keep quiet in front of others? How do you feel your loyalty is rewarded by the companies in question and have you ever given up on something you were previously loyal to?

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