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Games Inbox: How many physical video games do you own?
How many of these do you still own?

The evening Inbox looks forward to playing Dark Souls on a portable, as one reader calls for a new 1080° Snowboarding.

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For better and worse

RE: Digital only. I sleep walked into being digital only on PlayStation. I only own two physical games across PlayStation 3/4 from a catalogue of, including PS Plus, 230 games. Convenience, sales and having more disposable cash for gaming than ever before got me to where I am today.

I regret letting it happen. I’ve nether been loyal to a platform and fancied jumping ship back to Xbox with the One X launch. Although I got a bit more cash these days I still have to sell to buy most often, which becomes far more difficult when all your stuff is digital. I looked into it, there’s reputable sites that help sell digital content by acting as middle men but it’s far more of a faff than selling physical games. A big hurdle is you have to sell your account and all its games as one product and not individual items. I’d value my account at £500, if not more, so not an easy sell. I didn’t bother in the end.

There’s also the issues that you lease the games and don’t own them, and the account they’re tied to is not your property either and can be blocked by Sony on a whim if they so choose.

Game sharing is the only real plus to digital libraries I can see and I still don’t think that’s enough of an incentive in comparison to what you lose. I stopped buying digital a month or so ago (pre-ordered physical copies of Monster Hunter and and Shadow Of The Colossus, saving £19 on the PSN store price). It’s probably pointless as digital is the way things are heading, but I think there needs to be a serious overhaul about how consumer unfriendly it strikes me as being right now.
Simundo Jones

Doubly funny

Hey, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (terrible title) is coming out soon! In fact, there’s meant to be an open beta going live as I write this, up until to the 21st. It looks utterly bonkers – like Capcom levels of crazy – but that’s not what I’m most excited about.

It’s going to have Lightning in it! Which means that you guys are around 99.98 percent certain to have a pic of her with the caption ‘Lightning strikes’ again! Any chance to start singing the Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors theme again makes me insanely happy. Like, Dissidia insane.

GC: If only it would provide us with the opportunity to use our ‘rally good’ joke as well.

Microsoft’s new year

Happy new year all. Just interesting to read about all the exciting games people are looking forward too and nervous about. I am pretty interested in how Microsoft are treating their primary version of the Xbox One and the lack of key games to sell the console. It seems remarkable that the leading format a few years ago has got in this position and I am not that surprised either. The basic signals I get are people will get a PlayStation 4 over an Xbox One and if they have a good PC they will use that for any exclusives of Microsoft, which as we know will have a better performance if the PC in question is built for gaming of high quality.

With Nintendo on a high and Sony as the preferred format, will Microsoft introduce a new console earlier than expected or maybe slowly have less of a part to play in the gaming industry and back its third-party companies instead. Is that too drastic thinking? I mean they make more money from other areas of their company and with already vast sums of money within their coffers do they consider it a loss at all?

Especially if losing money on console sales is still going on, or is that in the past now? Either way it can’t be a good time with an awful start to the life of Xbox One regarding the game lending to a friend controversy, which was one of the worst judgment errors of the modern era in the gaming industry.

Just food for thought, it will be interesting to see what the future holds to a once respected key console industry player and the console it created which is still one of my favourite consoles of all time, the Xbox 360.

GC: We’d remind everyone that what game you’re looking forward to most in 2018 is this week’s Hot Topic, which we haven’t had that many letters in about so far.

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Age barrier

Regarding the price of older games coming out on a new format e.g. Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Switch that was mentioned earlier in the week, to me age is never a factor when I decided what games to buy. I always consider simple enjoyment and replay value. That’s why I’ll be buying the Devil May Cry HD Collection (again as I have it on PlayStation 3!) on PlayStation 4. The first game is over 16 years old now and was the first game I completed on PlayStation 2.

I’m looking forward to using the Share function on it on PlayStation 4, for videos and screenshots. It may not be the best remaster by a long shot, considering what the PlayStation 3 edition looked like, but for awesome action and pure fun there’s very few games that can beat it for me, even after all these years.
LastYearsModel09 (PSN ID)

Mildly exciting

So I watched the Nintendo Direct last night. A lot of games were announced, but apart from Dark Souls nothing really excited me apart from Fe. I may be interested in Mario Tennis Aces if there is a more fully fleshed out story mode and it’s actually well reviewed.

Dark Souls Remastered has been rumoured for a long while, so there was no surprise there. I will definitely double dip if the price is right, sub-£25 as on the go would be great. I actually think this is what we are getting for the first six months of 2018, with no surprise announcements. I imagine some games are being saved for the latter half of the year.

I did write in about this a little while ago, where a lot of the Switch releases, i.e. Mario Kart and Splatoon were basically remastered versions with Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda already confirmed as in development some years back for Wii U. I would hope Nintendo have a lot more games to announce, in the latter half of the year, because they will no longer be supporting the 3DS long term and also, all the other studios/teams they have are at least working on new things for the past two years. Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros., Metroid, and Paper Mario are some big name games still to come.

On another note, I finished Titanfall 2 story mode and it did remind me a lot of Half-Life 2, which is no bad thing (probably won’t be playing multiplayer). A mix between Half-Life/Call Of Duty. Also, this took me 12 hours to complete. Either I am crap at games or there are some super players out there who can complete the game in six hours. I feel that I am 70% of the time over the estimated completion time on games when looking at HowLongToBeat and using this as a basis for purchasing games now, as if a game is too long, i.e. over 100+ hours I won’t have to the time to play it or finish it.

First timer

Yay, I finally won the Emerald Cup in F-Zero GX on master difficulty thanks to my Super Goose-Z. I don’t know how, but I managed to get first place on the first four races, so I was happy to take last in the final race!

Now onto the Diamond Cup so I can unlock the extra tracks. I know it’s an old game but If anyone has any tips on how to beat this cup, do share!

Keep up the good work GC!
PS: I recently tried a VR game (Resident Evil 7) for the first time at a relative’s place and it was amazingly horrifying. Shame I couldn’t play much though as I started getting nauseous. Do users generally get used to it over time or does it just not work for some?

GC: Most people get their ‘VR legs’ over time. Resident Evil 7 is a fairly complex game, so not really the best place to start if you’re prone to nausea.

No action needed

I don’t think Nintendo really needs to release much this year.

Third parties and indies are coming on board in droves, there’s always the promise of new Mario content, and the sales momentum of the Switch shows no sign of slowing down.
Owen Pile

GC: That’s quite an optimistic view of the Nintendo Direct. The Super Mario Odyssey DLC is clearly a very simple mini-game, for example.

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Betting odds

I don’t currently own a Nintendo Switch but hope to in the near future. I have been wanting to play Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey, and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild after hearing all the good things about them. I’ve not bought a Nintendo console since the GameCube (not counting the SNES Mini) as I didn’t like the direction they took after the GameCube, but now I’m interested again.

With the recent Nintendo Direct mini and reading that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze would be made available I decided to check out some gameplay and if I’m honest I was hoping for Donkey Kong 64 gameplay over the original style. I would love to see a new 3D Donkey Kong adventure for the Switch and a new Luigi’s Mansion. I remember getting that at launch for the GameCube and loving it (I watched the trailer a good few times waiting for its release).

They have a few other games I’m hoping will make an appearance soon, I’d like to see a new Lylat Wars and Wave Race… 1080° Snowboarding too.

I have read that Nintendo have filed a 1080° Snowboarding trademark in the UK recently, does this mean they may have a new entry underway? I’d like to think so, and think this year would be a great time to bring it back to bolster their release schedule.

GC: Trademarks aren’t a very reliable thing to go by, as often they have to be renewed just so the company can keep a hold of the name for when it actually needs it. That said, we wouldn’t be very surprised if a new 1080° or Wave Race appeared at some point. Hopefully Luigi’s Mansion too, as the sequel was very good. A new Star Fox and Donkey Kong 64 are less likely though, as the last ones weren’t very well received.

Inbox also-rans

Dark Souls on the go = gaming heaven. I did ask ages ago if the Souls games were coming to the Nintendo Switch, or was it a marketing stunt. Well my question has been answered.
Defiant 1

I don’t understand why that Dark Souls boxes set is so expensive. That book end would have to be made out of solid gold to be worth it. And who wants a solid gold bookend? (Gold is actually quite soft, and would be rubbish for that.)

This week’s Hot Topic

Since it’s the first weekend Inbox of the new year there’s only one obvious question to ask this week: what 2018 video game are you looking forward to the most?

You can find our list of the biggest name releases here, which includes the current best guesses as to whether games will or won’t be out this year – so do try and keep your choices as realistic as possible (for the sake of argument let’s assume that The Last Of Us Part II will be released in 2018, even though the real chance is probably no better than 50/50).

What we’re most interested in is why you’re looking forward to your chosen games, and what you expect from them. What do you think of the current line-up compared to previous years, and are there any major forthcoming games you’ve already discounted?

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