I think it was last week one of the other Inboxers was appealing for more diversity in game settings. I think they were particularly keen on seeing open world style games in something other than a post-apocalyptic environment. I know I’m late to it, and it’s very much not an open world game, but over the weekend I finally managed to finish a first run through of Dishonored 2.

Overall, I have to say I’ve always found the Kaldwin Empire a bit of a treat as a setting. Sure, things about the place tend to take a downward turn due to the plots of the various games, but it’s hardly Fallout or Rage levels of civilisation breakdown.

In video game terms I suppose its levels are just reasonably well crafted but confined shoe boxes, size wise, but the architecture, atmosphere and general world building always seems a cut above. The sheer amount of lore involved in the series is crazy. I even like the bizarre juxtaposition of different accents and racial characteristics scattered throughout the streets and locations. It all blends together to forge a world that’s always seemed to me to be a pretty impressive blend of the earthily believable and the downright fantastical.

I think I might find the universe the series is set in more enjoyable than the actual games… However, I’m always wondering what it would be like to visit Tyvia, journey inland to see the landscape of Gristol, or even to actually voyage out onto the seas of the Empire and see the great whales swimming about the place, rather than just strung up, harpooned to death, and being butchered at the docks. It all feels like the world Arkane have crafted has so much more to gRead More – Source


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