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Cyberpunk 2077 - there are hints you can drive flying cars too

Cyberpunk 2077 – some people are never happy

The evening Inbox wonders if Fortnite is cutting into other games Christmas profits, as one reader wishes CD Projekt were a bigger company.

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I have now watched all of the gameplay trailer for Cyperpunk 2077 and I cannot wait for it to be released on whatever consoles, be it current gen or next gen. I had a wee laugh to myself regarding the letter complaining the graphics werent as good as he was expecting. My question to him would be what were you expecting?

Like GC, I found the graphics to be probably the best I have ever seen. The level of detail is really quite remarkable. Some gamers really do seem to moan just for the sake of it. This kind of attitude is all too common in gamers where they are proclaiming something is rubbish, a recent example being people claiming Spider-Man wont be any good and that it looks like a PlayStation 2 game, even though they havent played it.

Please at least wait until you have played the game in question before moaning/criticising. First world problems!

GC: We think some people have forgotten what PlayStation 2 games used to look like.

Superior version

Really great to hear Onimusha is coming out on current generation consoles, its already on the must buy list for me. I am disappointed though that I wont be able to get a physical copy and will have to settle for a download on my Xbox, still the main thing is its coming back!

Any idea if they are using warlords from the PlayStation 2 or Genma Onimusha from the Xbox for the remaster? Hopefully its Genma Onimusha, as multiformat games always looked better on the original Xbox.
PS: Here is a code for Ready Player One to give away for an Inbox letter.

GC: Thats very good of you. And thats a good question about Genma Onimusha. The press release specifically said Onimusha: Warlords, which was the name of the PlayStation 2 original, but we cant imagine the exclusivity deal for the Xbox version is still in effect.

Hole in one

Delighted about the news of The Golf Club coming out unexpectedly. With no new golf game from EA on the horizon I purchased it today while in work so its ready to go when I get home.

I have never played any of the Golf Club games so fingers crossed it plays a decent game of golf. Will you be doing a review?

GC: We will try and get it done, but our to do list could reach the Moon at the moment.



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Long wait

So basically Cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing. That bit where the flying ambulance comes down to pick them up was just amazing. Im certain you could put that in front of most normal people and tell them it was a movie and theyd have no reason to disbelief you.

The only slight problem is I dont really like the whole cyberpunk theme, I much prefer the fantasy of The Witcher, but I realise Im kind of stuck now given how long it takes CD Projekt to make games. Not that Im saying they shouldnt take their time or am denying anyone their fun but I suddenly wish they were a much bigger company and could work on multiple games at a time.

I know they were talking about having two teams, and I assume they can afford that now, but after seeing what Cyberpunk 2077 looks like I just want that Witcher spin-off they were teasing!

Fortnite affect

I was just wondering, what with all the big guns due out very shortly this year, i.e. your Call Of Duties and Battlefields, whether the popularity of Fortnite still being so strong, if it will have any negative effect on their actual sales?

I personally cant see the likes of FIFA 19, Spider-Man, or Red Dead Redemption II being affected in anyway though.

GC: That is a very good question, and one the industry has been pondering over the last few months. Some are hoping that a rising tide will raise all boats, while others fear that it will inevitably eat into sales – or at least the amount of time people spend on traditional games.

Blue sky news

After hearing the news of Streets of Rage 4 Id like to also share that with the recent release of Yakuza Kiwami 2 that Sega have a survey, where among other things they ask about what people think about bringing not only Yakuza 3 to 5 to the West, but also the Japanese only Yakuza Ishin! and Yakuza Kenzan!

Its news like this, along with the recent re-release of Shenmue I & II and upcoming releases of Valkyria Chronicles 4, the Persona 3 and 5 dancing games, and Fist Of The North Star that make me very happy to be a Sega fan at the moment.

In fact, I dont think Ive been this happy a gamer for at least a generation. I think Sega has finally twigged that a lot of their fanbase loves the classic franchises. Dont get me wrong, Im all about the future too, but theres no shame in looking back on your successes either. I hope this great run continues.

Parallel development

That is weird to have so much Spider-Man DLC so quickly after its released. What are we thinking here? That its withheld content? I mean, theyre obviously working on it while the main game is still not finished or otherwise they wouldnt get it done in time. Im not really complaining because Im happy to support any company thats going to keep pushing single-player games like that. Especially given the reports that Spider-Man is already 20 hours long.

I wonder if this will be a new approach for all games in the future though, and whether that seals the deal on there not being any God Of War DLC? I mean, with superheroes than an almost infinite range of extra characters to add in, so I guess its already easier to work something out before you even start.



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Dinosaurs before demons

I was very pleased to read about the Onimusha remaster. Along with Dino Crisis its one of my favourite games series in the Resident Evil horror/survival genre, mainly because it was so different in gameplay focus and visual style. I was getting bored of zombies and their ilk even before that; for me dinosaurs > demons > zombies.

The final Onimusha game, Dawn Of Dreams, genuinely evolved the gameplay and Id hoped that would reinvigorate the franchise but since then nothing despite a significant fan base still out there.

When I say I was pleased to hear about the remaster I chose my words very carefully because looking at that annoucement trailer made me cringe. Like too many Japanese games of the time the one thing that needed a complete overhaul was the English script, voice-acting, and choice of actors.

It was not as bad as some other games I could mention and as was often the case better in the original Japanese using English subtitles. But it still had some appallingly clunky or simply badly translated dialogue.

That trailer is a showcase for those sorts of historic and, even for me, not even ironically amusing old school gaming horrors. Yet it is supposed to sell the remaster to a new generation of gamers. What were they thinking?
Malcolm Lawn

Inbox also-rans

After reading your review of Divinity Original Sin II Ive decided to pick it up but I was wondering whether I should play Original Sin I first? Does the story continue on from the previous instalment or can I jump straight into the new one?
LoRd SiNn

GC: We advise just starting with the new one.

So we get Onimusha but no Dino Crisis? Have Capcom been bought out by Nintendo on the quiet?

GC: What does that have to do with Nintendo?

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what game have you beaten the greatest number of times?

It doesnt matter how old the game is or whether its exactly the same version every time (it can be the same game but on different formats) but which game have you beaten again and again (including New Game+) and still enjoyed? What makes it so replayable and are you still finding new things each time you play it?

Do you often replay games or is this one an anomaly amongst your collection? Do you consider replayability to be an important part of the gaming experience or do you generally only play them once to completion?

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