If I were to sum up the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta in one word I would say boring. This might sound a bit harsh because generally it played well. The 2v2 Gunfight mode was new and the return of Ground War was an experience but the main maps were visually bland. Azhir Cave, the desert mountain village map, was OK-ish but Gun Runner and Hackney Yard were so dull in colour palette that the first time I played them both I thought they were opposite ends of the same map! Grazna Raid wasnt much better.

Im not saying every map has to have bright neon colours like Black Ops IIIs rendition of Nuketown but itd be nice to have maps with a bit more individual personality. Its not just the colour pallet, but the settings as well. You could use the same adjectives to describe the latter three maps: run-down, abandoned, derelict, etc.

I didnt play the beta for Call Pf Duty: WWII so dont know what those maps were like but the betas for Infinite Warfare, Black Ops III, and 4 all had more interesting maps in terms of visuals and yes, I know those three were set in the future but whats wrong with a bit of glitz and glamour?

How about a map set around Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament or the Louvre – something thatll be more fun to play around? Especially when youre trying to convince people to buy your game.

One of the most fun Call Of Duty maps Ive played on was Splash from Black Ops III. Set in a theme park, it was a joy every time it came around. I honestly didnt feel much interest or excitement waiting in the lobby seeing what the next MoRead More – Source