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Black Friday has begun!

The morning Inbox is still dealing with the fallout from Fallout 76s reviews, as one reader is glad that Zelda doesnt have more story.

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Joining in

OK, Black Friday is here and even though its a dehumanising circus of unfettered capitalism Ive got my list of games Im hoping to get and I doubt Ill be disappointed (well, unless I buy Fallout 76, eh?). I think people could well be right that its Black Friday which finally kills the Christmas rush. After this year youve got to be crazy to release your game anywhere near Black Friday, unless youre either Nintendo or Rockstar.

If poor old Hitman 2 wasnt doomed before it definitely is now, because whos ever going to buy it now after its discounted to what I assume will be at least £30 by the end of the day.

Thats what Im hoping for anyway. If you cant beat em, join em and all that. As well as Hitman Im also hoping to pick up Shadow Of The Tomb Raider for no more than £30 and also Call Of Cthulu, Tetris Effect, and Battlefield V.

Im also kind of tempted to get The Quiet Man if it can be had for a fiver, because it sounds so amazingly bad I think its probably quite funny. Thats probably taking things too far though.

Adding to the list

So I guess its time for Black Friday to begin and considering theyre already discounting games that only came out last week Im going to guess that theres not going to be anything thats not discounted… except maybe Red Dead Redemption II. Although I expect probably a fiver off that or something.

On the one hand this is good news but on the other Im probably going to be buying so many games today Ill not only wipe myself out but end up just adding them to a backlog Ill never get through. I mean… Ive probably still got at least a dozen or so hours before Im anywhere near finished Red Dead and then I dont know what Ill do.

Im not really complaining, just a part of me almost wishes that games as bad as Fallout 76 were more common because it helps rules something out completely, rather than just thinking: Well, maybe Ill just get it when its cheap.
PS: I also kind of enjoy all the drama around Fallout 76 and the hilarious reviews, especially GCs.

Buy now, return later

As if loot boxes in games werent bad enough, Ive come across one shop that has sells mystery jumpers and mystery boxes full of goodies, from a bronze tier bundle to gold. One example is here.

On a more positive note they do offer a 100 day no hassle returns policy if you dont like what you receive. But still, Im amazed that this has fallen over into the online retail world, even if some of the items are gaming related. Fingers crossed that this doesnt catch on although it might make Christmas and birthdays more interesting as the parents wont know what theyve bought for their kids!

GC: Looks like a variant on the Loot Crate model. Crazy.



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Making amends

Considering that their first party games hold their price, its worth a look at the Black Friday discounts on the store. 33% off games like Mario and Zelda. Not bad really. I bought Skyrim (again) for £33, because I want to play through it again and love the thought of playing it on the toilet or bus, etc. And I never played the DLC, which Ive heard is good.

On a separate note, why dont they remaster Fallout 3 with all the DLC for the Switch? Seems a no-brainer to me, Id buy it day one.

GC: Thanks for the tip. And yes, that does seem a fairly obvious route to take, especially in terms of currying favour with newly disgruntled Fallout fans.

Personal adventure

Does anyone else kind of love the fact that Nintendo doesnt care about Zelda lore? I know some people want it to have a lot more story but I think one of the strengths of the series is that it just gives you a very basic set-up and lets you fill in the blanks yourself. Thats why theres no voice acting (or at least not much now) and why GC got so upset when they couldnt rename Link.

This is my story and I like to have as much control over it as possible. Not with silly binary moral decisions but by imagining the details of the world and its characters. Nintendo clearly values imagination as an important part of their games, which I think is one of the key differences between them and other developers – and why not being state-of-the-art with graphics doesnt affect their abilities in any real way.

I wish theyd give some little hint about the new game though. If the Switch is going to last longer than usual, and theyre already working on it, then that should mean itll be within the next three years at least…

Physical reduction

I have a code from Amazon which reduces the physical price of the Battlefield V game by £6, as I am not going to be using the voucher, any reader who would like it can have it. I dont know if the code can only
be used by me or not. You have to use the code by 27th November 2018.
Andrew J.
PS: I have just received a Humble Bundle newsletter to say that you can get Outcast: Second Contact free for the next 48 hours from time of writing (Thursday evening). Here is the link.

GC: Thanks, as usual well pass the code out in exchange for a useable Inbox letter.

Long-term Projekt

Am I the only one whos primary interest in the next generation is when Cyberpunk 2077 is going to coming out? If its looking like 2020 for the PlayStation 5 at least, thats a downer for me because I was really hoping that CD Projekt would release their new game next year.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to Cyberpunk and how much it looks like my dream game. I also hope its an indication of what the new consoles can do without breaking too much sweat. Im sure most games wont look quite as good as this but anything by Sony should, as well as Rockstar, EA, and a few others.

I can only imagine what Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is going to look like on a more powerful console, considering how much the original pushed the current hardware. But even robot dinosaurs cant compare to what looks like the perfect cyberpunk. Cannot wait, although I dont necessarily need to see any more of the game at this point – Im already sold.

GC: Whatever happens we wouldnt count on Cyberpunk being a launch game, thats not usually how things work.

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A thousand words

As a timely celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the release of Ocarina of Time I thought I would share my illustration of Link.

Breath Of The Wild pips Ocarina for me but since both are utterly spectacular I am simply glad they exist.

I actually drew this three years ago, somehow predicting the parry mechanic in Breath Of The Wild!
Matt Bryan

GC: Thats great, good job!

Inbox also-rans

I really dont understand the Inbox letters from people saying theyve bought Fallout 76 with the hope that Bethesda will patch out all the bugs and add extra content at some point. Why not just wait to see if any of that happens and then buy it?

I wonder what that guy who didnt want anyone to review Fallout 76 for six months is thinking now. And does he work at Bethesda?

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Anton, who asks how many online games are you currently playing?

Games as a service is one of the big buzzwords of the moment in gaming and means any game which is constantly updated with the intention of keeping you playing for months and years to come. Theyre almost exclusively multiplayer (and include MMOs), but the problem with their rising popularity is theres not enough time to play them all – so which ones are you favourite?

How regularly do you play the games and when did you start? How long do you expect to continue playing and how much time do you have for other games, whether multiplayer or not? What do you think of games as a service and how many can you generally have on the go at once?

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