Free PS4 Game Update: Download a Huge New PlayStation Game and PS Plus Bundle Today (Pic: SONY)

With so many big announcements coming towards the end of May it's easy to overlook certain sections of news and releases. But after a stonking first week, it's certainly worth reminding PS4 owners of this one free game that's well worth playing.

We're talking about Dauntless, a free-to-play game available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and utilising Crossplay (meaning you can play with anyone, on any console).

At its core, Dauntless is about hunting and slaying monsters in a group with other players. It's very Monster Hunter, so if you're a longtime fan of Capcom's famous RPG, you'll enjoy this.

It might fill a whole until the launch of Monster Hunter Iceborne later this year.

As we mentioned Dauntless is a free game, available right now from the PlayStation Store. It's got a Battle Pass, of sorts, like you'd see in Fortnite. But you don't even need PS Plus to play the game on your PS4.

Despite recent warning's that a PS Plus Price Rise could be coming soon, there is one good reason to ensure you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription whilst playing Dauntless.

That's because you can grab some free DLC exclusive to PS4 in the form of six exclusive PlayStation-inspired Dauntless weapon skins.

The exclusive set of Model P weapon skins includes the following: – Ostian Chain Blades (Model P) – Ostian Repeaters (Model P) – Ostian Falchion (Model P) – Ostian War Axe (Model P) – Ostian War Hammer (Model P) – Ostian War Pike (Model P)

Check out the sword and axe skins below!

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If you're also worried about the game being just a flash in the pan, think again. Developers Phoenix Labs have shared some new stats and metrics from Dauntless first week of launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games store

Phoenix Labs announced that Dauntless surpassed 6 million players within its first week – doubling its player count since the PC Open Beta.

In a new press release Phoenix Labs also said it had hit several milestones in its first week.

"Players worldwide logged over 20 million hunts, surpassing 15 million hours played while 60% of hunting parties consisted of cross-platform players. Together Slayers defeated over 13 million Behemoths.

"Bruna and Max, Ramsgates loyal dog friends, were pet an incalculable number of times."

Phoenix Labs also put together an infographic outlining these week 1 accomplishments and others, which you can find on the link.

The team aren't resting on their laurels though, and recently rolled out a new patch to fix some major issues with the game (which were already flagged pre-launch) you can find the new Dauntless 1.02 Patch Notes just below, but keep reading for a reminder of the new free PS Plus games coming in June.

  • Fixed a bug where players could get trapped on the Store or Hunt Pass screen, requiring them to force-quit the game.
  • Fixed a bug where hair was not correctly hidden in situations where it should have been.
  • The Hunt Pass character model will now correctly preview complete armour sets.
  • The Godhand is safe to use again! Slayers should no longer get stuck while aiming.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping weapon parts in the pre-hunt prep stage (airship lobby) did not work correctly, and could make it look like those parts were unequipped. This should resolve the issue where some Slayers saw their weapons play the wrong animation for their specials.
  • Camera movement speed on controller has been increased! Weve widened the range on the controller movement speed dial to help with reports of sluggish controls. Let us know how this feels.
  • The “Aether Orbs” quest will now correctly grant the Plunge dye. Slayers who already completed this quest will receive the dye at a later date, once we run a server-side script.
  • Rockfall Skarn hunts on Arid Rose (island) now correctly spawn aetherwisps and gatherables (e.g. plants, ore).
  • The progression blocking issue with “I Need a Read More – Source [contf] [contfnew]
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