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Epic Games has announced that swords will soon be added to the game with a teaser video released on their social media accounts.

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Sound files were found in the season 7 patch by dataminers and now the news is official.

The video was put online this afternoon and it was accompanied by the captain coming soon…a weapon fit for a king

Its likely that the first sword could be added to the game as early as this week with the first season 7 update set to take place on either Wednesday.

The video show a castle in the snow and zooms in on a sword that is wedged into the ground, giving off a King Arthur sword in the stone vibe.



Two hands then grasp the hilt of the sword and pull as it starts to glow and then it is pulled out from the ground.

Its not yet clear whether the sword will be a permanent addition to game or if it will be part of a limited-time game mode.

The announcement has been met with a lot of excitement from fans as the game continues to adapt and develop, creating new experiences for its players.

More details on the new item are unlikely to be available until the next patch notes are released in the new update.

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