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Calamity almost caused a calamity for Epic Games

The season six update for Fortnite was not meant to contain breast physics after all, as Calamitys emote is quickly censored.

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Epic Games has apologised for adding jiggling breasts to a Fortnite animation and insisted it was not intentional.

Boob physics has been a thing in various games over the years, most infamously the Dead Or Alive series, but in Fortnite its only used in the Jubilation emote for the standard tier 1 version of the Calamity skin.

This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship, an Epic representative spokesperson told IGN. We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.

How the animation ever ended up there is a mystery, but it implies Epic was working on a system for all female characters but later abandoned the idea – only for it to accidentally get switched on for this one skin.

The seriousness with which Epic treated the issue is a sign that any accusations of the game featuring sexual content could turn parents against it, even more than many already are.



Its a particular problem in America, which tends to be very puritanical about sexual content in games – regardless of how violent they may be.

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In the UK Fortnite has a 12 age rating as although it features mostly real-world weapons the violence is portrayed in a fairly cartoonish manner.

There must be something in the water this week though, as the Fortnite news comes during the same week that Nintendo has had to contend with Bowsette trending on both Twitter and porn sites.

Maybe everyone should just have a nice cold shower and start again fresh next week…

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