Fortnite 6.01 update time for new patch CONFIRMED with server downtime news (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Epic Games has announced when they are taking Fortnite servers offline in preparation for the games first big Season 6 update.

Writing on Twitter the developers confirmed that they will be releasing the new Fortnite v6.01 update TOMORROW, Wednesday October 3.

The team also confirmed that official patch notes will be available when the downtime starts. Unlike most server downtime for the game, tomorrow's update will be a little bit earlier than usual.

"The team has confirmed that downtime will begin at 3 AM ET (0700 GMT). Which is actually 8am BST in the UK as we're still on British Summer Time.

It's likely the new update will bring with it new skins, items for the shop, Halloween Decorations and much more.

Keep reading for what we know so far about the upcoming update, including what it may include.

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Fortnite v6.01 – New LTMS?

Ahead of the launch of the new update, a new LTM was teased on the in-game menu.

Disco Domination tasks players with capturing dance floors across the map (it's a very Fortnite thing to do).

Think of the mode like King of the Hill in other games. Teams must defend dancefloors from enemies and can earn more points by dancing and using emotes.

Likewise, Fortnite Intel has reported dataminers locating a new mode based on the popular 50v50 Limited Time Modes.

"The mode, which is yet another 50v50 variant, will involve a “Seize Pack” – also known as a “Flag”. We do not know what you will actually be doing with the Seize Packs/Flags.

"Its likely that this 50v50 LTM will involve Capturing the Flag from one teams base to another, but we could see a mode similar to the previous “The Getaway” event in which players had to fight over a single item and get it back to a location in order to win the game."

New Disco Domination LTM Coming Soon!

Desc: Capture and defend Dance Floors around the island using emotes to earn points.

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) October 1, 2018

Fortnite v6.01 – New Skins

The only skins currently in the games datamined files from the launch of Season 6 are those which are available in the Battle Pass.

The only skins from the original launch which weren't live or part of the battle pass, was the Octoberfest and Aviation Age Gear, which have both been available in the item shop over the course of the weekend.

You don't even need to do the math. Tomorrow we should see a whole bunch of new leaked skins coming in Season 6, likely to the games Item Shop in the coming days and weeks.

In fact, we might already have some clues as to some of the future skins thanks to the games first Fortnite Loading Screen. Hidden in the background of that loading screen was two Scarecrow character skins.

Given that these also play into the whole Darkness Rises/Halloween theme, we wouldn't be surprised to see them revealed tomorrow.

There's also reports from dataminers finding reference to a pickaxe belonging to the Dark Bomber skin. So that could be revealed too.


Are these new skins coming tomorrow? (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite 6.1 Update – HALLOWEEN EVENT?

We already knew that Epic Games were working on some sort of Halloween event for 2018, but over the weekend players noticed that various Halloween decorations started popping up in Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park.

There's small ghostly things, cobwebs, giant spiders and much more. BUT, it's possible that dataminers could uncover even more assets or Halloween related teasers in the games new files.

Fortnite v6.01 – Anything else?

Plenty. There's the chance of new in-game Freeze traps and also plenty of bug fixes.

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow morning!

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