The father of a six-year-old boy who was killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre has won a defamation case against authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened.

The book entitled Nobody Died at Sandy Hook was written by James Fetzer and Mike Palacek.

A judge has ruled they defamed Lenny Pozner, whose son Noah died in the attack.

Twenty children and six adults were shot dead in Newtown, Connecticut when Adam Lanza, 20, stole his mother's guns after shooting and killing her at their home on 14 December 2012.

Image: Adam Lanza carried out the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012

The decision is the latest victory for relatives who have been taking a more aggressive stance against conspiracy theorists who claim the entire event was a hoax and the relatives of the victims were actors.


The publisher, Moon Rock Books, has agreed to stop selling the book in a settlement with Mr Pozner.

Dave Gahary, the principal officer at the publisher said: "My face-to-face interactions with Mr Pozner have led me to believe that Mr Pozner is telling the truth about the death of his son… I extend my most heartfelt and sincere apology to the Pozner family."

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Mr Pozner has hit back for years against conspiracy theorists who have harassed him, subjected him to death threats and claimed he was an actor and his son never existed.

He has spent years getting Facebook and others to remove conspiracy videos and set up a website to debunk conspiracy theories.

One infamous Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist is Infowars host Alex Jones.

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