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(Picture: EA)

EA is launching a trial for its own cloud streaming service and Stadia rival, named Project Atlas.

Project Atlas is still currently in the beta stages of development but will give everyone who has an EA Origin account a chance of getting into a closed beta to test out a range of titles for the new cloud streaming service.

The trial will run for two weeks starting this week (9 September) and the players EA select will have access to the following titles: FIFA 19, Need For Speed Rivals, Unravel, and Titanfall 2. Sadly, the trial is only available for those on PC.

Were also testing a wide breadth of games and genres to be able to better understand how the streaming technology performs across each. From the visual fidelity for games that are known for stunning graphics and demanding rendering, to the uncompromised precision and accuracy which are so critical to multiplayer FPS games – all of this must perform seamlessly, said EA in a blog.

Three players of the game FIFA 19 posing

FIFA 19 (Credit: EA Sports)

One of EAs goals is to plan and test for cross-play compatibility; however, during the trial, players will only be able to interact with other PC players, regardless of whether they are using Project Atlas or not.



According to EA, the most exciting thing about Project Atlas is that it has the ability to play full-scale HD games on any device you want, such as PC or Mac laptops, desktops, and smart TVs. So youll be able to continue your game where you left off on your smart TV to using another device such as your smartphone, and no progress will be lost.

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Project Atlas was announced in October last year and is EAs counter to other cloud streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsofts xCloud.

Although EA are the first, it may be inevitable that individual publishers will all end up having their own services, just as every film and TV company going is currently planning its own TV subscription service.

At the moment though UbiRead More – Source


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