Former Vice President Joe Biden had to clarify Obamas preconception about his personal background from Scranton, PA while addressing a crowd from the Brookings Institution Tuesday.


Biden told the crowd a bit about his life in Scranton, where there were run-down coal mines and factory workers — a place he subsequently moved out of with his family when he was young.

“You can take care of your geriatric mom after your dad passed away and you hope your kids will never have to take care of you. Thats not a Joe Biden-ism. Thats a reality. Thats the people I grew up with,” Biden began.

He then recounted Obamas description of his youth.

“My dad, we moved from Scranton, Pennsylvania, my dad, if you listen to Barack youd think I climbed out of a coal mine with a lunch bucket from Scranton in my hand,” said Biden.

“But its not true. My dad was a white-collar worker, a salesperson, and when coal died, everything died in Scranton and there was nobody to sell anything to. So we moved down to a place that was more prosperous, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware,” Biden continued.

Biden then recounted his fathers words to him.

“Remember, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. A job is about your dignity, its about your place in the community.”

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