Fireworks marked New Year’s Day overhead as a woman gave birth in the middle of a South Carolina highway. The newborn’s father looked on in handcuffs after a high-speed police pursuit.

Carl Alewine was attempting to rush Tiffani Von Glahn, pregnant with their then soon-to-be born daughter Anastasia, to the Medical University of South Carolina Hospital (MUSC) in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, early on January 1, WCBD reported.

Von Glahn said her husband was driving between 90-95 MPH on the interstate when police ordered him pull him over. Alewine, however, refused to comply with the police’s demand.

“I look back and there’s like 20 police cars, and they had the exits blocked off and everything. Eventually it got to where they had to box us in to stop us,” Von Glahn said, according to WCBD.

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After police managed to stop their car, Alewine was forced to exit the vehicle and promptly handcuffed “for safety reasons, because they were saying there are people out there that will fake having a pregnant wife,” Von Glahn said, WCBD reported.

Amidst it all, Von Glahn was going into labor in the middle of the interstate. The officers soon became aware of the situation after dealing with Alewine and proceeded to tend to Von Glahn in order to assist in the birth of Anastasia, which finally happened on the hood of the car.

Anastasia was born three weeks before she was due, and the pregnancy was said to be at high risk. This all contributed to the parents’ decision to race to the hospital, WCBD reported.

“I’m sitting there, watching her born on the hood of the car, fireworks going off in the background because it’s New Year’s, and then they let me out of handcuffs, and the cops started clapping and congratulating us,” Alewine said, WBDC reported.

The parents proclaimed that once law enforcement realized what was happening, they attitudes changed dramatically.

“It happened so fast and the guy that delivered her was just there,” Alewine said of the unnamed officer who performed the midwife duties, according to WBDC. “When you’re going to the hospital to have a kid, you imagine high speed, cops around you, but yeah that happened.”

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Anastasia was born healthy at six pounds, two ounces, while Von Glahn is also doing well after the unexpected, police officer aided delivery, WCBD reported.

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