The lamentable shift of technical accessories overriding anything with a heritage continues.

The rise of the smartphone (and watch) has led to traditional time pieces disappearing from our wrists but 2018 is the year to turn it around.

In the era of Don Draper, a watch was a necessity; it was a firm part of your uniform and came off only at night. At one time, without a watch you wouldn’t know the time of day and a series of lateness would occur. The power of the smartphone has allowed us to check the time on our digital display and for millenials this has taken such precedence that we have grown accustom to life without a watch. For men in particular, a watch is a statement and the ideal everyday accessory.

Owning a watch opens the door to a new world, it gives you the opportunity to invest, to build a collection, e.g., change straps for different occasions and gives you the chance to find the perfect piece for your lifestyle. It becomes an identifiable part of you, sending a message to everyone you come in to contact with. Not owning a watch is an opportunity missed; a wristwatch puts the preciousness of time in to perspective.

The hands of a watch are ever moving, reminding you to keep going and 2018 is a great place to start.

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