• The 2019, seventh-generation iPad with a 10.2-inch display. Samuel Axon
  • It's also available in silver/white, if you're into that. Samuel Axon
  • Here's the back in silver. Samuel Axon
  • And here's the back of the gray model, with an Apple Pencil (which it supports). Samuel Axon
  • It has Lightning, not USB-C. Samuel Axon
  • The Smart Keyboard connector is in the same place as it is on the 2019 iPad Air. Samuel Axon
  • In fact, it looks pretty much like the iPad Air from most angles, although it's very slightly thicker. Samuel Axon
  • There's still a headphone jack, thankfully. Samuel Axon
  • There's no camera bump. Samuel Axon
  • It also has a home button—no fancy Face ID or TrueDepth on this entry-level device. Samuel Axon
  • Later this month, iPads will get iPadOS, which will overhaul the home screen, among other things. Samuel Axon
  • Here's the home screen in portrait mode, though. Samuel Axon

CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple's iPad lineup has been in considerable flux of late. Just in the past year, Apple totally overhauled both iPad Pro sizes, introduced a new iPad Air based on the chassis of the prior iPad Pro, and relaunched the iPad mini (albeit without much in the way of modern hardware to recommend it).

Today, the company's representatives took the stage to announce new iPhones, but they also revealed a major update to the entry-level iPad.

The biggest news here is that the scRead More – Source