• An Atlas V will attempt to launch an X-378 space plane Saturday. ULA
  • Weather is a concern, however, with a risk of cumulus clouds and high winds. ULA
  • The rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. ULA
  • The launch will be dedicated to honor front-line responders and those affected by COVID-19 ULA
  • The X-37B, contained within this fairing, has flown five times previously. ULA
  • It may remain in space for a couple of years. ULA

Engineers and technicians with United Launch Alliance were preparing an Atlas V rocket for launch on Saturday morning from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The rocket has an approximately 150-minute launch window that opens at 8:24am ET (12:24 UTC). Before sunrise, the command was issued to begin loading the Atlas V rocket with cryogenic fuels for launch.

However, there were concerns about weather. On-and-off during the early morning hours, conditions at the launch range went into "red" for cumulus clouds, and ground level winds were just above acceptable limits. Forecasters have estimated about a 40 percent chance of "go" conditions for a launch on Saturday. If this mission flies, a Falcon 9 rocket may launch just 20 hours later from the Cape, early on Sunday.

This mission will carry the X-37B space plane into orbit for the Space Force. There are two operational copies of this uncrewed vehicle, which were built by Boeing, and which measure 8.9 meters long and resemble a miniatureRead More – Source

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