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Alfie Evans father spoke out after over a month of silence, vowing to ensure that no other parents go through the pain and agony that he experienced battling the U.K. government over the treatment of his suffering son.

“Its been 1 month and 2 weeks since our gladiator was [taken] away from us, deprived, neglected, mistreated,” Tom Evans wrote in a June 16 Facebook post, LifeSite News first reported Monday. “We wanted everyone to know that in time as we grieve, we will be speaking out further [about] the build up to Alfies death.”

“No other parents should ever, ever go through [this],” he added.

Tom Evans comments follow Alfie Evans April 28 passing after doctors refused to treat the toddler. Alfie Evans parents fought hard to get treatment for their son, but the U.K. High Court rejected a final plea to treat him on April 24, ending the long fought battle for the boys life.

Attorneys represent U.K. minors in court, leaving parents out of medical treatment for their children. The attorneys representing Alfie Evans determined that continuing life support and nutrition for him was futile because of his terminal diagnoses. The child defied his prognosis and breathed on his own for over 20 hours after he was removed from life support.

His parents are now fighting to ensure that other parents wont have to go through the legal battle they endured and are advocating for the courts to allow parents to represent their children in legal cases. They have pushed “Alfies Law,” which would enable parents to make informed decisions about medical treatment for their children. (RELATED: Judge Rejects Final Plea To Treat Alfie Evans, Even After He Defied Doctors Expectations By Breathing On His Own)

During the Evans lengthy legal battle, protests broke out across the globe. Hundreds of protesters rallied together in London, the U.K., Ireland and the U.S. to ask that Alfie Evans be treated and to condemn the U.K.s decision to allow the little boy to die.

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