Alan Wake - back in the hands of its creator

Alan Wake – back in the hands of its creator

Developer Remedy now own the rights to cult hit Alan Wake and are already hinting about a current gen multiformat remaster.

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Remedy Entertainment has bought the rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft, paving the way to a possible current gen remaster and eventually sequel.

The game was originally an Xbox One and PC exclusive, that enjoyed relative success on the Xbox 360 and spawned digital-only spin-off Alan Wakes American Nightmare.

Microsoft never commissioned a sequel but the two companies did work together again, on the disappointing Quantum Break.

The news that Remedy now owns the rights to Alan Wake came in their latest investor report, which reveals they made €2.5 million (£2.2m) from it and other back catalogue sales last year.

The only thing we want to clarify, now that Remedy owns the publishing rights, is that we could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose, Remedy told Eurogamer.



We have nothing to announce for now. We are fully focused on Control releasing on 27th August.

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Weve been extremely impressed by Control every time weve seen, and to be honest it looks to be a better game than Alan Wake evRead More – Source


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