5 sex workers share their most memorable Christmas Days
Your kinks don’t go away just because it’s Christmas (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

I’m fairly certain people have a bleak image of escorts who work on Christmas Day, as well as the types of clients who visit them.

I avoided working as I was generally around friends or family.

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However, there are many times I would have preferred getting shagged silly rather than watching another EastEnders omnibus.

Just as long as it was all over with by the time Doctor Who came on, of course.

By Boxing Day, I would turn my phone back on, and notice several missed calls, but of course there was no way of telling if they were time wasters and I certainly didn’t want to risk missing out on a day of gin and prosecco to find out!

But I wanted to know if sex-workers found it to be a busy time of the year and the types of clients who came to see them, or if it was as desolate as the M25.

It turns out it’s yet another ‘how long is a piece of string’ question.

It depended on if you had lots of regulars, if it’s an affluent area, how many other women were working etc.

So generally like sex-work on any other day, then.

However, hearing some of the women’s stories made me realise that working on Christmas wasn’t about the clients, it was a way for them to escape the hype and family dramas themselves.

Plus a lot of them worked at time and a half! Clever girls..

‘Anna’ from Dorset

Man sleeps as woman in underwear looks on
We were all just looking forward to some fun (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘I worked Christmas Day last year as the children were with their dad. (Yes, I have children. No, they do not get exposed to what I do.)

‘I knew I was going to feel lonely and depressed without them, so having something to take my mind off it was really welcoming.

‘I had two incalls, and both the gentlemen were lovely and just seemed to want some company for the day.

‘One was in his mid-thirties and just a bit tired of relying on friends to take him in.

‘The other was older, and I don’t think he had anyone at home.

‘Both were like me – looking for a little something to take their mind off things and wanting a bit of fun to look forward to!

‘They also both brought over a bottle of wine each, so I had a little treat to myself in the evening!’

‘Sara’ from Dundee proves that a kink is for life – AND Christmas

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What difference does the time of year make? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

‘I don’t normally work on Christmas Day, but a sub pre-booked a session and I had the morning free, so I thought why not?

‘He wanted me to dress him up as a Christmas tree, and threaten to whore him out so I could make money to buy presents.

‘I ended up whipping him with fairy-lights and throwing baubles at his…baubles.

‘After he left, I went to have dinner with my family and couldn’t help grinning at how I’d spent the morning.

‘They must have thought I was drunk!’

‘Jenni’ from Cambridge, living the best life

Can people really taste the difference between cava / Prosecco / champagne? (Yvette & maybe Ethan) (Picture: Metro/ Steven Legere)
Enjoy the time with your clients – and whatever booze they might bring (Picture: Metro/ Steven Legere)

‘It’s the most lucrative time of the year for me.

‘The people I normally see on Christmas day are regulars as I know they will show up, and they know they will get a good service.

‘We have a lot of fun, and really enjoy ourselves – usually by taking the piss out of people who are trapped with terrible in-laws or forced to watch children’s TV!

‘One of them is a lawyer, who brings champagne so I have to put him at the end of the evening so I don’t get too tiddly and can enjoy it once he’s gone.’


‘Personally, I’m tired of being the only single woman at the dinner table and feeling like I’m a charity case for my friends, so I’ve booked a posh hotel where I’m going to eat all the room service and treat myself to the spa.

‘If clients show up, then it’s a great way to pay for my breakfast in bed, but if not then at least I’d have had a lovely day to myself.’

‘Samantha’ from London

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The sex isn’t always what makes it special (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘I had a regular who would always come over only on Christmas Day.

‘He’d book an hour, but then he’d bring little presents, or a bottle of wine which we would share. One time he even came over with a kebab as that was the only take-away he could find!

‘It got to the point where we would end up watching the ‘big film’ together after the booking and just relaxing on the sofa.

‘This happened for about four years in a row, and then one year he just didn’t show up.

‘It’s not really my place to try and track him down, but I nearly called his number to check he was alright.

‘I always hope he might have met someone and be surrounded by grandkids now!’

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Yes, I’m absolutely sure he’s safe and happy and well, Samantha! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have something in my eye…

I think we have this bleak image of sex-work over Christmas, that it will all be lonely men seeing desperate women.

Actually, it feels like it was more just people who didn’t give two hoots what day it was, and the work took their mind off it.

At the end of the day, this is about having sex and fun. There are much worse ways to spend your Christmas Day!

Believe me, I think I’ve done them all…

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