Sega Saturn - it has more classics than you might think

Sega Saturn – it has more classics than you might think

A reader embraces the idea of Sega creating a mini console version of the Saturn and lays out the games he thinks must be included.

With the Mega Drive Mini looking surprisingly impressive I have been eagerly following all the fan speculation about doing the same idea with the Sega Saturn. Although its true the console was surprisingly successful in Japan I dont have a lot of hope for it happening for four good reasons: 1) itll be difficult to do because of the emulation, 2) Sega has lost the original files for more than one of the best games, 3) it was a complete flop in the West, and 4) Many of the best games never came out even in America.

But Im going to completely ignore that for the purposes of this Readers Features and tell you the 10 games that I – as someone that is a keen Saturn owner and has imported many of the rarer games – thinks should be included.



10. NiGHTS Into Dreams
One of the closest things to a famous Saturn game, this was to have been its answer to Super Mario 64. But really, its nothing at all like that game and while the graphics are 3D (and probably the best on the Saturn) the gameplay is 2D. Its a very original sort of action game with an odd mix of platform-like acrobatics and boss battles and while I think it tends to get overrated a little it definitely needs to be included, along with the Christmas version.

9. Radiant Silvergun
This wouldve been a top three choice at one point but now that its been released on multiple consoles its no longer the rarity it once was. Its still absolutely amazing though and deserves to be on any Saturn collection, along with other top notch shmups such as DoDonPachi, Battle Garegga, and Soukyugurentai/Terra Diver.

8. Saturn Bomberman
The more I get into this list the more I realise that 10 spots is not nearly enough and Im going to have to leave a ton of great games out. But I cant not mention Bomberman because its the best version ever, even though its 10-player mode would probably be impossible to replicate on a mini console. Maybe if they made it work with third party multitaps and controllers, but Im not sure if Sega would be that accommodating.

7. Guardian Heroes
One of Treasures best games and another release that is absolutely synonymous with the Saturn, even if its now been released on a few different formats. Its not nearly as well known as it should be though, even though its one of the few attempts to modernise and deepen the traditional scrolling beat em-up. Its also a great multiplayer game and has some of the best 2D graphics ever.



6. Magic Knight Rayearth
The best Japanese role-player on the Saturn that isnt called Panzer Dragoon Saga, this was never released in Europe but has a surprisingly good American translation all ready to go. The 2D graphics are great and theres a fun and original combat system that switches between all your characters like a kind of tag team match. Its also hugely expensive on the import market, but nowhere close to my next pick…

5. Fighters Megamix
The Saturn had many great 2D fighters, including a number of near perfect Capcom conversions, but it also had some great 3D games, including an excellent version of Virtua Fighter 2. The highlight though has got to be Fighters Megamix, which is basically a Smash Bros. style mash-up of Sega franchises except in the form of Virtua Fighter/Fighting Vipers. Its not exactly the most technical fighter around but it is one of the Saturns most iconic games.

4. Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru
One of the most expensive Saturn imports, there is a copy currently on eBay that has a Buy It Now price, and I kid you not, of £1,699.99. This is tragic for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is that its a really good Shinobi-esque action platformer (much better than the actual Shinobi X on the Saturn) that deserves to be appreciated by everyone. It makes full use of the Saturns limited horsepower and is absolutely bonkers with some of the enemies and boss battles.

3. Shining ForceRead More – Source


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