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Britain’s first sex shop for women is still very badass

(Picture: Sh! Women’s Shop) There might be any number of discrete ways nowadays for women to buy sex..

Fancy a long weekend in the Highlands? We’ve got it all planned out

Melissa York samples the scotch on St Andrew’s Day in the Highlands The Craigellachie, Speyside, Sc..

What parts of London are popular with superstar musicians?

It’s said there’s no business like show business and with the top 10 musicians taking $278m in tour ..

The Danes are at it again: how to bring a lykke happiness to your...

Copenhagen is not only one of the world’s style capitals, it’s home to the Happiness Research Instit..

Porn star wants parents to teach their sons about sex so she doesn’t have...

(Picture: Nikita Bellucci/Twitter) Sex education is always a contentious issue. Whether it’s decidi..

‘I could never look at a wooden spoon in the same way again’ –...

Life in plastic – it’s fantastic (Picture: MMUFFIN for We have so many questions about ..

Bondage lovers are using Donald Trump as a safe word during sex

(Picture: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Choosing a safe word is tricky business. You wa..

BDSM enthusiasts, here’s where you can get handmade sex furniture

(Picture: Simon Thomas) Kinky sex is all the rage these days (blame 50 Shades of Grey if you fancy)...

Goldman Sachs boss’s assistant charged with theft of $1.2m in rare wine

While Goldman Sachs today announced its latest financial results, one of the US investment bank gian..

Here are the best running wearables and gadgets of 2017

Are you marathon ready? How are your glutes? Firm and rippling? Should they be rippling? Oh my god s..

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Shock exit as Russia fails to make Eurovision final

Russia has failed to qualify for the Eurovision final for the first time in 20 years after a shock e..