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The lira dropped again as the country’s turmoil rattles global markets

Turkish lira plummets again, hits record low Turkey's currency dropped again Monday as the co..

Abuse of vulnerable women and girls by international aid workers is ‘endemic,’ UK government...

The inquiry heard "horrifying" stories of aid staff sexually exploiting the very people they were me..

Trump and EU boss Juncker try to calm fears of trade war

It was essentially a deal to make a deal, announced in celebratory fashion during an previously unan..

Trade wars, populism, racism: The liberal international order could be in danger

Trump reprised his role as a cheerleader for Brexit and complained that everyone was taking advantag..

But it was actually Novichok — a Soviet-era nerve agent

But the 44-year-old British woman was actually applying a Soviet-era nerve agent that had previously..

Japan and EU sign massive trade deal

How to negotiate a trade deal The European Union and Japan signed a huge free trade deal on Tuesda..

7 electric aircraft you could be flying in soon

(CNN) — Spurred by concerns about climate change, governments and companies worldwide are making pla..

Trump detonates Brexit bomb in Britain visit

The President delivered an astonishing political knifing of the British Prime Minister on Thursday, ..

They will face uneasy questions after US President slammed UK PM

Trump ended up denying that he criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May, the day after a Britis..

Supersonic, nuclear, with lasers

(CNN) — From blended wing airliners powered by nuclear fusion to a new generation of spacecraft desi..

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