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As anyone even mildly familiar with The Big Bang Theory knows, the show's theme song, performed by the Barenaked Ladies, is probably one of the catchiest TV themes of all time. But for the prequel spin-off Young Sheldon, the producers decided to go in a very different direction – albeit one with a fascinating backstory.

Young Sheldon's theme song is a track called "Mighty Little Man" by indie rock musician Steve Burns. You may know Burns better from his previous job as the star of the Nick Jr. show Blue's Clues.

That's right: Steve from Blue's Clues is now and indie rock musician and he sings the theme song to Young Sheldon.

After Burns left Nickelodeon's live-action/animated hybrid kid's show in 2002, he began focusing on his music career. His first album, Songs for Dustmites, was released in 2003 and "Mighty Little Man" is the opening track. The lyrics, which include lines like "A sudden crash, a sonic boom/Changes everything he knew," could be about a scientist or a superhero. Sheldon, young or old, would definitely approve.

Steve Burns is still making music and has even returned to entertaining children in recent years. His latest album, Foreverywhere, is a collaboration with Flaming Lips member Steven Drozd (the guy playing drums in the "Mighty Little Man" video) under the name STEVENSTEVEN that's "part concept album, part legend, all play" and meant for the whole family.

Also, this is what Burns looks like now. It's OK to feel old.

I am 44 years old.

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