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Xbox Adaptive Controller has packaging you can open with your teeth

If only all packaging was this well thought out

Unboxing videos for Microsofts disabled-friendly controller are going to be interesting, as the packaging has some very special features.

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Microsoft has already earned justified acclaim for its new Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is specifically designed for gamers with disabilities, but theyve really gone the extra mile when it comes to the packaging.

The special controller has two large programmable buttons and multiple connectors that can be attached to a whole range of other accessories – the idea being that it allows people that cant hold or use traditional controllers to play normal video games.

And when the box arrives they wont need anyone else to open it for them, as its been specially designed so you can just do it with your teeth.

A lot of these limited mobility gamers are actually used to opening packages with their teeth, Microsofts Mark Weiser told The Verge.



We wanted to deliver an empowering unboxing experience.

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Modern packaging can be pain even for able-bodied people but the Adaptive Controller has all manner of peel-able loops, hinges, and levers to make it as a easy as possible.

The Adaptive Controller will be released this September in the US for a price of $99 (£74).

Theres no UK date yet, but its expected to be available at around the same time.

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