A Brinks money truck carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars crashed in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

Initial reports guessed the truck was carrying around $600,000, but police later emphasized that the exact amount is unknown.

“Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate,” ISP Corporal Brock McCooe told CBS news. “Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars.”

Police even said that people were jumping fences to scoop up cash as quickly as possible.

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“I guess its not every day you see thousands of dollars just floating around on the interstate during your morning commute,” Brock McCooe said. “So it was pretty chaotic.”

Uhhhh, you think? Chaotic is probably an understatement. If Im driving behind a money truck and it suddenly opens up and empties over half a million dollars onto the highway, Im swerving my car into the shoulder, ripping my seatbelt off, not even throwing my hazards on, and (hypothetically) scooping up as much as possible.

Now I realize that this is probably a pretty serious legal offense, so its important to keep in mind that this is all hypothetical. Im a law abiding citizen, of course, so I wouldnt actually do this (allegedly). Apparently you can get charged with theft if you do this. Which seems like a pretty serious deal. But do I blame these people in Indiana for seizing some of these newly liquid assets? Absolutely not. I blame them just about as much as I blame a person for taking advantage of an all-you-can-eat buffet. If its there, you eat. Hypothetically.

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