An Arizona woman is in some serious hot water after she allegedly stalked a man she went on one date with.

Jacqueline Claire Ades was recently taken into custody after it was reported that she broke into the unidentified mans home, sent him texts about murdering him and wanting to bathe in his blood. She is accused of sending him 65,000 texts! reported the following:

The victim told police sometimes she would send up to 500 texts a day.

Police say some of those messages were threatening.

According to the police report, the messages included:

  • “Dont ever try to leave me… Ill kill you… I dont wanna be a murderer!”
  • “I hope you die… you rotten filthy Jew.”
  • “Im like the new Hitler… man was a genius.”
  • “Id wear your fascia n the top of your skull n your hands n feet.”
  • “Oh, what I would do w/your blood… Id wanna bathe in it.”

According to the police report, Ades had “a large butcher knife on the passenger seat of her car” at the time.

Yeah, Im going to go ahead and say this man made a very smart decision by contacting authorities about a woman who has been recorded saying she wanted to bathe in her dates blood, kept a butcher knife in her car, and loves Hitler. Totally normal and not suspicious at all! Thats the type of women that men dream about growing up!

In all seriousness, this is the definition of a nightmare scenario. A woman sending you a bunch of texts is bad enough by itself. That gets annoying extremely quickly, as in within the first day or two. No rational and normal guy has time for that garbage.

Now, add in a woman who loves making threats and youve got the perfect recipe for a complete disaster. This is all allegedly went down after one date! One date! How is that even possible?

I own a lot of guns, and I wouldnt be caught dead without one if a woman was sending me texts of this nature. Better safe than sorry!

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