Kirby Jenner picture: Getty/kirbyjenner
Kirby Jenner is Kendall Jenners twin brother, dont you know? (Picture: Getty/kirbyjenner)

Have you heard of Kirby Jenner? If you havent and you call yourself a fan of the Kardashians, youve got some time to make up.

It turns out the little-known Kirby is actually the fraternal twin brother of Kendall Jenner.

And he is, dare we say it, probably the most fun of all of the Kardashians on Instagram, following Kendall everywhere and doing whatever she wants to do.

Kirby has been posting pictures of his fun with Kendall for three years now, with his first post being a 50/50 split of his face and Kendall s to show how much alike they are.

Since then, hes regularly posted fans updates of what theyve been doing together.

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Of course, youve probably guessed by now that Kendall and Kirby are not actually related and Kendall does not have a twin. Instead, Kirby is just a Kardashians fan who has a striking resemblance to the model and decided to run with this made up back story.

And he has some pretty special editing skills, too.

Here are some more of the best pictures of Kendall and her twin bro:

Impressive stuff, no?

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Kirby might not be a Kardashian but he has still got over one million followers on Instagram with just 142 posts.

We wonder if Kirby will ever get the chance to actually be in a photo with Kendall, yknow, unedited.

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