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Nintendos Wii Shop will be closing down this year as the focus shifts to the ongoing success of the Nintendo Switch.

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It has been available on the Wii system since December 2006 but January will be the final time that players can use the service.

It has provided plenty of content and original games that were designed specifically to be playable on the Wii and players could buy them for their console by spending Wii points.

The main reason for this change is the switch to the Nintendo eShop which is now used on both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

Here is everything you need to know about the Wii Shop Channel and how you can prepare for its removal.

America loves the Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a big success since launching (Nintendo)

When is the WII Shop Channel shutting down?



Nintendo announced last year that it plans to close the Wii Shop Channel on Wednesday 30 January 2019.

Since 26 March 2018 it has not been possible to add more Nintendo points or use your credit card in the shop, but if you do still have Wii Points then you are recommended to use them up while you still can as refunds are not possible.

January 30 will also be the cut off point for re-downloading any content from the shop, or for transfer content from you Wii onto your Wii U.

All games that you have downloaded from the shop will still be available to play and use.

The removal of the Wii Shop Channel also means that the various video on demand services that they offer will no longer be available, which includes Netflix.

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