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Red Dead Redemption II - trailer #3 is almost here

(Rockstar Games)

The long-awaited sequel to the popular Red Dead Redemption game is close to being released.

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Rockstar Games has started to reveal previews of what players can expect from the gameplay and it has got many fans excited.

The new game follows the life of outlaw Arthur Morgan and it will include both single player and multiplayer modes.

Red Dead Redemption II will also see the return of the honor system, which was a popular mechanic in the previous game.

When is the Red Dead Redemption II release date?

The game will be released on Friday 26 October and it will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

How to pre-order the game

You can pre-order a digital copy of the game directly from the Red Dead Redemption II website or through your PS4 or Xbox One store.



Alternatively you can pre-order the game through retailers such as Game and Amazon.

There are three different versions that you can buy – standard edition, special edition and ultimate edition.

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(Rockstar Games)

Special Edition

Features include an exclusive story mode content including a special bank robbery mission and gang hideout, as well as a thoroughbred racehorse with a Nuevo Paraiso Saddle.

Players will also receive items for the story mode – an Eagle Talon Talisman for his boots and an Iguana Scale for his satchel, and both items give him special skill boosts when they are equipped.

Other features include gameplay boosts and cash bonuses as well as access to additional weapons and a Neuvo Paraiso Gunslinger outfit.

Ultimate Edition

This edition includes all of the extra story mode content that features in the special edition as well as various extra additions.

Other bonus content includes two other exclusive outfits – The Blackrose Bounty Hunter and the Copperhead Enforcer.

Players also get an extra horse with the Black Chestnut thoroughbred with a High Plains Cutting Saddle.

You can also get rank bonuses to help you climbing the rankings faster in the online mode and get free access to additional weapons and ways to customize you personal online camp with the Survivor theme.

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