“Westworld” fans are probably going wild after the latest episode Sunday night.

There has long been speculation about the hosts eventually getting out of the park to cause mass chaos. What we now know is that the hosts got out of the park decades ago during a corporate event.

Seriously this thing is ginormous and we had to cut out a lot, but the main beats of William, Dolores, Arnold, and Maeve are all here. And YES we will update it each week with new #Westworld revelations

— Kim Renfro (@kimrrenfro) April 30, 2018

This is a huge development because there is a high chance Dolores knows exactly what is waiting on the outside. The other reasons fans can rest easy now is that it appears to debunk the idea that young William is in a a future world park, which was something that has been debated a lot off of the previews.

We even debated this topic in the office a bit, but it looks like we now have our answer. Looks like the hosts being out of the park was very real, but in a different context than maybe expected. Of course, this is “Westworld.” The writers get so much pleasure out of screwing with the audience.

Finally, how awesome was the reunion between Dolores and Maeve? Chilling. So much contrast between the two of them. Maeve seems reasonable and Dolores has gone absolutely insane. Is there a showdown between those two on the horizon? Lets hope so.

Until next week, its been fun.

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