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Skies Of Arcadia – forever SD?

Skies Of Arcadia – will it ever come back?

GameCentral readers discuss which video games they most want to see get a comeback, from Soul Reaver to SSX.

The subject for this weeks Hot Topic was suggested by reader Preston and inspired by the large number of, often surprisingly obscure, remakes being released lately. We wanted to know what games you think should return and whether you think they could be a hit again.

We had plenty of different suggestions from many different eras, but while a few names did come up often just as many were surprised to find that all their most obvious wishes had already, or were about to be, granted.

Sometimes say never again

This one is easy for me: Skies Of Arcadia. Occasionally there are a few vague rumblings of a HD re-release from Sega that may materialise – but dont. Then again, we live in a world where Shenmue III is happening, so who knows?

There is only one thing to change really: those hateful random battles. I do wonder how easy it would be to change the code so you can then see the enemies in the world? I remember there were the odd shoal of fish flying around in the sky, so why not have swarms of enemies to either fly into or evade? Also have monsters and guards patrol the dungeons, Persona style?

It would require work and money. And Sega dont like expending too much of those if they can help it.

The Discoveries could be a real pain to find, though. Some demanded pixel perfect accuracy to locate. Which when you consider altitude as well as the precise position of the map, my television has heard many a salty curse over the years as a result. Flying around, hunting down a particularly elusive one, only for the battle music to start playing EVERY. FEW. SECONDS! Well, its more than most people can take.

Eliminating random battles would help to alleviate that, but maybe the ability to acquire a hot/cold meter late in the game would be a big help. Add all the content from the GameCube version too, and that would be great.

As I say, this is an unlikely eventuality. But never say never, hey?

Licensing restrictions

An old game that needs a remake would be Tony Hawks Pro Skater, like all of the numbered games made into one, but not by Activision. If it were possible, maybe the team behind the Skate series. They seem to know what they are doing with a skateboarding game.

Or get Neversoft to do it using the Spider-Man engine and including all of the music and secret characters, which by happy coincidence one was Spider-Man. I bought the recent-ish HD remake but it wasnt enough and I want more.

Real 3D

There are lots of ZX Spectrum games Id like to see remade but one title sticks out in particular: Sandy Whites Ant Attack.

Initially I loved the games artwork, but the actual game was cutting edge back in 1983 and unlike anything Id seen before on the Sinclair format.

Ant Attack offered such a cool and unique proposition, escape from an eerie looking city thats been overrun by giant ants.

Although the isometric look of the game is iconic Id want a first person remake in real 3D. Maybe the new game would work even better as a virtual reality title. One things for sure, giant ants are scary, especially if you have no means to kill them.

The Spectrum era was great for original ideas. Many game developers were literally working in their bedrooms with no restrictions about what they could bring to the marketplace.

Ant Attack was one such original idea, and alarmingly prophetic because no matter what happens to the human race insects will probably continue to thrive.
msv858 (Twitter)



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Second chances

I know a lot of people hate remasters because it makes the games industry look lazy and cynical from their point of view, but I can appreciate their benefits. Quite a few years ago I missed Rogue Trooper as it didnt look like my sort of thing but when I found out it was exactly my sort of thing a few years later I regretted missing it. It was remastered recently and I snapped it up.

I also like being able to keep my collection up to date. With Dishonored on PlayStation 4 I dont need to keep my PlayStation 3.

As for games I want to see remastered, I would choose Mr Moskeeto. The original was very… original and its miniaturised world would look great with modern graphics and the sequel never made it to the UK so a double pack remaster would be very welcome.

But, no. I dont think it will ever happen.

On the bubble

How Bubble Bobble hasnt had a more recent and accurate modern conversion of the original arcade, or a remake amazes me. Its a game beloved by so many. The gameplay hasnt dated, and it is still one of the best co-op games of all time. Something along the lines of the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX approach would be wonderful.

My fingers hurt from being crossed all this time; Inbox magic please.

GC: Never has a truer word been spoken in the Inbox.

Wish granted

I am not too fussy with new remakes or remasters because the two I really wanted are being done and released in the near future.

Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII. I mean, two of my all-time favourite games ever are being remade, and with the possibility of some advances in storylines which were not a possibility in the originals. Or maybe not! But I cant imagine they would miss out on a chance to input some more content that could not have been done in the originals. It would not be the first time, check out the GameCube Resident Evil remake.

All I want is that quality control is kept with the above and that I will be immersed as I was back in the day. To do a remake is to expect not an exact copy of the original but an advancement of it with a bunch of new content but not a ridiculous amount, as you still want the same emotional ride the original gave. A newly recorded soundtrack will help with an orchestral or advanced synthesizer feel to it, and some top quality voice-acting also. Do what the fans would want and youll have a winning formula which will be respectful and a great homage to these two series classics.

I personally would like to see a remaster of Zelda: A Link To The Past and maybe a remastered Alundra, but to be honest the originals were so good its probably not necessary. Maybe Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind! Now that would be good for a remaster – that would be awesome! Either way all is good in my books and I cant wait to try Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII and with a lot of high expectations. Ill try to remain calm until then but if they are a success then the possibility of more surprises in the future may be on the cards.

GC: Resident Evil 2 definitely has new areas, we mentioned one in our most recent preview.

Black list

If they were going to pick a remake to get me excited, it would have to be Black from back in the PlayStation 2 days.

For my money still the best first person shooter ever made and if it could get a bit of a polish without changing the gameplay then Id probably buy a new console just to play it on.



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Dead horse

The one game Id like to see be given an updated remaster is Dead Rising. This has been remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and shows that this game can be remastered and be given a proper remake. The studio who developed the first game is still in business and this is one game that truly deserves a respectable remaster or remake. With the newer 4K upscalable gaming technologies and the near arrival of next generation gaming systems such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, and with PC gaming evolving frequently, a remake or remaster of Dead Rising could be done by Capcom with significant improvements and additions from the original.

What I would ensure would be added includes but in no way limited to the following: additional areas, new psychopaths, newer books, food items, weapons, new survivors, higher levels, upgraded abilities, weapons, clothes, food lockers, co-operative gameplay, and newer mall music.

On top of all of this, I would also make the game 4L right off the bat as well as an upgrade with the camera allowing players to record video while zooming into areas of the map further into the distance. I would also add a first person view mode which would work with VR headsets, giving the player a wider experience of the first Dead Rising and allow them to interact with items in the mall using the headset.

Finally, I would also add an ability for players to customise and choose the mall music that plays and which music they would like to play and in what order. This would add a greater enjoyment to anyone who wanted to explore the mall while listening to their favourite mall music. I can see Capcom doing a final remaster of the original Dead Rising as there are still vast improvements that they could make and they own the studio in Japan that developed the first game which they would have the power to do so very easily.
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