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Resident Evil 6 – not what fans were hoping for

Resident Evil 6 – not universally loved

GameCentral readers admit to liking games that the majority dont, from the much-maligned Mass Effect: Andromeda to DRIV3R.

The subject for this weeks Hot Topic was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what generally disliked game do you think is actually good? The game can be a commercial flop, have poor reviews, or just be something that nobody else you know likes. But we wanted to know why exactly you enjoy it.

We had plenty of suggestions, from famous flops like The Order: 1886 to the notorious No Mans Sky. Nobody felt ashamed about going against the grain though, even if they didnt understand other peoples attitudes to the games.

Surprisingly fun

Interesting question this because I do sometimes feel whether Im missing something when I either dont like a game thats got rave reviews or love one that hasnt. But Ill pick Resident Evil 6 as the game I think most people would be surprised anyone likes.
Now I wouldnt pretend it was the best of the series, and it clearly did go stupidly overboard with a quantity over quality mentality but I cant pretend I had anything other than a great time with it.

Admittedly I was playing it with my girlfriend all the way through and we were quite new then, so it was kind of a bonding thing. Plus, we were taking the mickey out of it as much as we were actually enjoying it, so its not like we think its some amazing classic. But you can have fun with it and we did.

Stars above

Id have to say No Mans Sky. I havent played anything else since buying it and Im absolutely loving it! I can understand that it got criticism for being dull and not having features that were shown in the trailers. But I have to say after the free updates the game is feeling a lot more complete, so to say.

There is always something that can be done and I honestly dont mind continually crafting items to be able to move to the next system. It was a boyhood dream to be able to visit the stars and I feel like Im able to do that with this game.

Obvious choice

This seems almost too obvious but I really enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda. Yes, I recognise it wasnt as good as the others and had some pretty serious flaws, but I think most of these were down to budget restrictions. And really, Id like to know why there were any budget restrictions in the first place, considering I thought this was one of EAs big franchises and I was assuming this was going to be the start of a new trilogy.

Im still not sure whether it was or not but in terms of the action and gameplay Id say it was not only miles better than the previous ones but better than a lot of dedicated shooters. Even the multiplayer was fun and I liked all the stuff with the vehicles on the surface.

The plot and characters were the weak point but I still enjoyed a lot of them, although I agree there should have been more new aliens and the whole story didnt really make much sense. Im not sure it did with the originals either though and that certainly didnt interfere with my enjoyment.



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Agree to disagree

I like this Hot Topic because it means we all get to disagree with GC (I would assume). So Ill see it now: I like Hyrule Warriors. And although I havent played any other Dynasty Warriors games I assume by connection I would like them too.

I realise the gameplay is shallow, of course, but I love all the fan service to previous Nintendo games and it is really fun to be taken out hundreds of enemies at a time. Its obvious where they could improve the game, sure. But Im not sure you could say the same for almost any other game.

I really liked the unlockables too and getting to play as the bad guys. Even the DLC was fun. There was a lot of love in that game and I would recommend it to any action or Zelda fan.

Driven mad

Its not very often that I disagree with the common consensus on a game. Sometimes I think a certain game is slightly better or slightly worse than what the consensus is but not very often. The stand out game for me for this Hot Topic though is the much derided DRIV3R. I fell for the hype of DRIV3R after very much enjoying the first two games on PS one and I thought with the extra power of the PlayStation 2 it would be a brilliant game, and would even be better than GTA: Vice City.

I remember reading multiple previews and thinking that it looked stunning. So I went up to my local Blockbuster and pre-ordered my first ever game (well my dad did, as I was too young).

After a few delays it eventually came out and the reviews were poor, I would not believe them though. I was young and I think my hype clouded my judgement looking back, but even now I genuinely think it is a good game. For a PlayStation 2 game at the time, the graphics were great. I also thought the cars were good to drive as each one felt weighty and different to handle depending on the vehicle, from lumbering trucks to zippy go-karts.

The storyline was good and had you globetrotting Miami, Nice, and Istanbul – all of which were greatly recreated, especially Nice. It even had Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs fame as the voice actor for Tanner!

I always remember how difficult some of the chase missions were, but they were mostly fair. If it were released today I think it would be known as the Dark Souls of driving games it was that tough, especially the Chase Catalita mission.

I really hope we see a return to the series one day as it seems to be on a bit of a hiatus since Driver: San Francisco.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

Gears Of War: 1886

I doubt many people are going to agree with me but I thoroughly enjoyed The Order: 1886 and wish there was a sequel. I get that the gameplay wasnt very original but it was still good. Just because Gears Of War did it before doesnt mean it cant be fun.

And I enjoyed the whole Victorian steampunk era a lot more than Gears Of Wars vague sci-fi story. I admit the werewolves shouldve been in it a bit more and it all ended a bit suddenly but I still own the game and have replayed it more than once. And Im not just saying that because it has no resell value!



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Read the text

Murdered: Soul Suspect. It pretty much received poor to average review scores but I thought it was great. So much so that I carried on playing after completion to mop up the remaining collectibles and clues, etc. for the platinum Trophy. And I rarely do anything like this.

Its one of those games that enforced the idea of ignoring review scores but paying more attention to the actual text. If I remember rightly GC gave this a 3 or a 4 and I dont necessarily disagree with any of the criticisms in the review, its just that to me they didnt matter. Or more accurately I knew that I could look past them as the setting and style of game was right up my street and so I could forgive any of the issues as long as they werent game breaking.

On the flipside Im not particularly interested in Red Dead Redemption II. I couldnt get along with the original, despite its 95 Metacritic rating. The setting doesnt interest me, so I had no desire to carry on when I hit a frustrating/boring part of the game and instead just stopped playing.

No doubt the sequel will be hailed as game of the generation, and again Ive no issues with this and can see from preview videos why it could labelled so. I just know its not for me.
PS: Out of interest, after the Cyberpunk previews a number of reports were labelling this as a next gen game due to the level of interaction and scope of the world. Now that youve seen Red Dead Redemption II, which is obviously current gen, how does the ambition of this compare to Cyberpunk, and does it change the perception of whether Cyberpunk could work on current consoles? Appreciate you may not have seen enough of either to be able to answer this, its just despite not having much interest in Red Dead Redemption III can see it having a huge impact on determining whats possible on current machines.

GC: The question is moot because CD Projekt claim Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to the current gen consoles, even if many people dont really believe them.


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