Easy one for me. Resident Evil.

I was 20 when I got a PlayStation 1, Id been out of gaming for many years, having owned a Mega Drive in my early teens. But with me discovering clubs, pubs, and the fairer sex Id had a good few years completely gaming free. The only reason Id asked for a PS1 for Christmas was on the proviso it came with a copy of Resi 2 – Id played number 1 on my cousins console and being a huge zombie film fan it was just the thing to get me back into gaming.

Resident Evil 2 is still to this day one of my all-time favourite games, and Ive pretty much played all the Resis, barring the ones on Game Boy/N-Gage, etc., and mostly enjoyed all of them. Even 6 to an extent wasnt a bad game as such, just not a great Resi. The remake has been my game of the year so far too, so its a franchise that has kept me entertained over 20 years now, and long may it continue.

I could have answered with Sonic, as I played one of those much earlier, but I havent really played many since, save for the Dreamcast ones and a few goes here and there on various ones I couldnt name – all of which were awful from memory.

Ive gone out my way to buy all numbered Resident Evil games and some of the spin-offs – Chronicles being a fave – and I cant say the same for any Sonic games, Ive played Sonic Mania for instance, but only cos it was free on PS Plus. Id never have bought it and I soon got very bored with it, strangely enough on the same level I got bored all the way Read More – Source


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