The jewel in Oculus Quests launch line-up isnt available on any other headset, but it isnt a full game. Instead, its the start of an episodic series, the first of which offers barely 40 minutes of story gameplay. But what a 40 minutes that is.

Created by a division of ILM, rather than a traditional game developer, the game is a stunning experience from the first second, as you play the role of a smuggler who unexpectedly finds themselves a captive of Darth Vader. It turns out youre part of a bloodline that can unlock an ancient artefact on Mustafar (the lava planet from Revenge Of The Sith and Rogue One) that grants immortality.

The sense of scale is extraordinary, as you stare up through your spaceships cockpit as a Star Destroyer looms into view or fly down to enter a giant underground city. The Quests lack of power is clearly visible in some very low resolution textures and yet the overall effect is still stunning, with some very impressive virtual characters that feel believably solid and real.

The ability to walk around the virtual sets is a huge benefit of using Quest but the fact that the controllers are so accurate even more so. Soon enough you get to wield a lightsabre and youre transported into a Star Wars fans wet dream. Not only can you deflect laser bolts but the lightsabre fights finally offer the kind of motion-controlled combat fans have been denied for years.

The combats secretly quite simple, relying almost solely on parrying in one of two directions, but the ability for enemies to crowd around, so you have to keep checking every direction for attackers, neatly disguises the fact. The pacing of the fights feels right too, with tense seconds waiting for an attack and Read More – Source


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