LONDON — The British government was the highest spending political Facebook advertiser in the U.K. last week, shelling out almost £97,000 advertisements seeking support for its deal taking Britain out of the European Union.

The figures, published by Facebook on Monday in a new weekly political advertising report, also reveal that the ruling Conservative Party spent £40,000 between December 2 and December 8, and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May spent £1,659 in the same period.

The Peoples Vote — an anti-Brexit campaign group pushing for a fresh referendum on the U.K.s membership of the European Union — spent more than £47,000.

Pro-Brexit campaign group Britains Future, which is opposed to Mays deal, spent almost £21,800.

Facebook, which launched its U.K. Ad Library in October in a bid amid concerns about so-called “dark ads” on its network, will now release a weekly report with more detail about the number of political advertisements, and how much each advertiser has spent.

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