• The most conventional view shows you your engine revs on the left and speed on the right, with other pertinent information in the middle. Ford
  • I've just noticed in this screenshot, the truck is doing 104mph. It must be a German-spec F-150 ? Ford
  • Here, the display is showing how much the truck is pitching. Ford
  • More angles. Ford
  • Some of the other display modes show you this real-time avatar of your truck. Ford
  • It changes color depending on the drive mode. Ford
  • In the old days, this mode would be called "get out and start digging." Ford
  • On the 12-inch infotainment screen, you can choose what takes up the main part of the screen and have secondary info in the pane on the left, which might be stuff your passenger is interacting with. Ford
  • Here, the panes are reversed. Ford
  • A call comes in! I wonder what Sarah wants? Ford
  • Here, the call has been given attention instead of the map. Ford
  • Cycling through different info panes on the left. Ford
  • Time to check our angles again. Ford

Among the most immediately noticeable technology upgrades in the new Ford F-150 are the truck's digital displays. We didn't have any images to share when our coverage was published on Thursday, but Ford sent over a pair of short clips that show off the new UI for the digital main instrument cluster and its latest Sync 4 infotainment system. So we decided to share them with you now. You can check out the gallery above, or watch the pair of video clips embedded below.

12.3-inch main instrument display

The F-150 isn't the first Ford to get an all-digital dash; you can find a 12-inch display instead of old-fashioned dials in newer Mustangs, and Read More – Source

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