Who are you? Im a 33-year-old easy-going Italian, born with a passion for food and cooking. I could never imagine being anything other than a chef. My style of cooking is fairly experimental but I still make sure that tradition and culture are respected through my dishes. I like to bring back forgotten ingredients and dishes so that we dont erase Italys diverse gastronomical culture.

Tell us about your restaurant Enoteca Rabezzana highlights Italys varied regional cuisines across a menu of small plates, pastas, meats and desserts. Dont come here for simple pasta dishes, there are too many other Italian places doing that. I love to play around with ingredients, using seasonal vegetables, different cuts of meat or fish and modern techniques to elevate traditional Italian recipes from my childhood into something unique.

You come back home drunk and hungry – what do you cook? When you open my fridge door you can hear it echo because its almost always empty. However, one thing I do always have in my cupboard is eggs, so Id probably cook up some scrambled eggs on toast.

What food makes you happy and why? Whole baked fish with sea salt. It couldnt be simpler, but it reminds me so much of home. My mum would cook this for the family for Saturday lunch.

Whats the most outrageous thing youve seen a chef do? Years ago, I asked a commis chef to sieve my vegetable stock. Instead of sieving out the vegetables, he kept the vegetables and threw away the stock. I couldnt bring myself to say anything, I just had to laugh. Now hes a sound technician – better for him, better for all the other chefs in the world.

What is the strangest encounter you have had in your restaurant? A customer once came in with a black and white French bulldog. I love dogs and Im all for dog-friendly restaurants, but the dog was sat on a chair next to the owner as if it was a human being, licking the owners plate while she was eating. Thats too much…

Whats your earliest food memory? My grandmothers homemade pappardelle with ragu. It was the most gorgeous plate of pasta. I still dream of it to this day.

Tell us about the best meal you ever had? It was at a restaurant in Rome called Metamorfosi from the Michelin-starred Colombian chef Roy Caceres. It was 16 courses, each one better than the last – unbelievable!

Whats your favourite dish? It has to be osscobuco with saffron risotto. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

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