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“The View” celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day by surprising Meghan McCain with a visit from her favorite teacher, Erik Weihenmayer.

McCain recalled being greatly inspired by Weihenmayer, who is blind, even before she learned that he had climbed mountains and braved the Grand Canyon in a kayak when he wasnt teaching.

McCain, who had just returned from a long weekend visiting her father as he continues to recover from surgery and the effects of his cancer treatments, mentioned how much Weihenmayer had meant to her — and then he joined her on the stage.

In the years since McCain left the school, Weihenmayer climbed Mt. Everest and married another of McCains favorite teachers atop Mt. Kilimanjaro. He took his own experiences in overcoming disability and parlayed that into a personal mission. His organization, No Barriers, embraces his motto “Whats Within You is Stronger Than Whats in Your Way” and works to encourage and inspire those with disabilities to push past their perceived limitations.

Weihenmayer disputed McCains claim that she was a poor student, saying that he remembered her as being studious, fair-minded, and always sticking up for kids who were being picked on. “And I also remember that you loved my dog.”

Weihenmayer also took a moment to thank Senator John McCain as well, pointing out that he almost didnt get a job teaching at McCains school because of his disability. “There was some resistance, you know, would a blind guy be OK to keep the kids safe?” Senator McCain and his wife were among the parents who stood up for him, saying that they wanted him to teach their children.

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