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The Sims creator Will Wright returns with new game Proxi
Proxi – will it be as big as The Sims?

One of gaming’s most celebrated creators has returned, with what sounds like his most ambitious project yet.

For a while there Will Wright was one of the most famous video game designers in the world. He created SimCity and The Sims, and a host of other life simulators, but scored a dud with 2008’s Spore.

That led to him leaving EA and setting up his own companies to help make interactive TV shows, storytelling apps, and other things we’re willing to bet you’ve never heard of.

Although he’s never entirely left the orbit of video games he’s never actually made one for a decade now, but that’s about to change with mobile game Proxi.

This is the point at which we’d describe to you exactly what Proxi is, but having watched the video above we’re not sure we’re any the wiser.

It sounds vaguely reminiscent of Sony’s equally amorphous Dreams, but the basic concept seems to be recreate scenes from your subconscious and turn them into a video game – or at least some kind of interactive sequence.

‘We do this primarily by pulling out the memories from your past, those unique things that happen in your life that make you who you are’, says Wright in the video.

The website for Proxi talks about creating an artificial intelligence from your memories and building a whole world from that, which sounds a little less vague but even more ambitious.

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How any of this is going to work is not at all clear, but the website also has a bit about Proxi being able to, ‘learn from the Internet, from tweets, from friends’. Which seems a bit unfortunate given the current climate over Internet privacy.

The final oddity is that at the end of the video Will Wright announces a competition to find an artist for the game, which seems like something he might have wanted to sort out before now.

If you fancy your chances then you can enter here. And if you win, do get in touch and let us know what Proxi really is…

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