New Clothing & Objects

We couldnt simply release a Style Influencer career without offering some sleek new clothing and accessories to dress your Sims in. Youll find the following new pieces available in Create a Sim*:

  • 2 jackets; one for women, one for men
  • 2 jeans; one adorned with rhinestones, and one thats acid washed
  • 2 necklaces; one gold chain, and one bedazzled collar
  • 1 gold chain bracelet
  • 1 pair of fingerless gloves
  • 1 fiddler hat
  • 1 pair of womens heels

*Some of these pieces require progressing in the Style Influencer career before they unlock.

And while were being so fashion forward, we also went ahead and added a brand new dresser to store these clothes in, and a new wall mirror to admire your trendy outfits in.

Positivity Challenge

Millie Bobby Brown has arrived in The Sims world to challenge your Sims to complete the Positivity Challenge! This limited time event is active right now, but wont be around forever… You have until December 4th, 2018 to participate. Simply use your Sims phone to call the Event Coordinator (surprise, its Millie Bobby Brown), and shell provide everything you need to start making your Sims neighborhood a better place for everyone.

By issuing a positivity challenge, youll unlock a brand new aspiration for your Sim. Various rewards are up for grabs with each tier of the aspiration you complete, culminating in a powerful new Kindness Ambassador trait bestowed by Millie Bobby Brown herself.

Now get out there and perform some good deeds!

Name Your Own Career

Has your Sim ever experienced the awkward situation of having to say theyre unemployed, when in reality theyre leading a financially successful lifestyle? Perhaps they run their own retail store? Or maybe theyre the proprietor of a grueling painting factory, selling mass-produced artwork for maximum profit (lets be honest, weve all been there before.) Now you can name and describe their job title, so that each and every Sims money-making scheme will get the recognition it deserves. Simply use your Sims phone to Register with the Ministry of Labor, and type in whatever suits you.

First Time User Experience

Weve added something that we call a “First Time User Experience” to the game. If you want to sound in the know, you can pronounce this as fuh-too-ey in casual conversations with your friends. Really, its a fancy way of saying that we created a completely new tutorial for new players. If youre reading these patch notes, this feature probably isnt for you. That said, if youd like to experience the dulcet tones of actress and comedian Jessica Williams explaining how to play The Sims 4, then we invite you to give it a try.

Gallery Profile Updates

Weve made some changes to the layout of user profiles on the gallery. Each players profile now has four large images that cycle through the content that theyve uploaded. Content from other players that youve favorited no longer appears in your own profile feed. Finding content from other players that youve favorited can be done by going to your profile page, clicking on “View Catalog”, and then changing the “View Content By:” filter to “My Favorites”.

Whim Updates

Theres a new “Show Whims” option in the Gameplay Options menu that allows you to enable or disable whims… at your whim.

Simology Panel Updates

To help manage all of the information stored within the Simology panel, individual sections of this panel are now collapsible and expandable. This allows you to curate the information on display to only show whats currently important to you.

Relationship Panel Updates

The Relationship panel has a new filter that allows you to see just your Coworkers.

The above is simply the new features, but if you want to see the long list of bug fixes you can read those, here.

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