From the turkey and casseroles to the mashed potatoes, here's a helpful guide detailing the TSA-approved items you can bring on board or pack below.

Can I take my turkey or ham?

Yes! You can give it one last flight, and it can even go in your carry on. However, it might be smart to go ahead and carve the bird or slice the ham into a storage container ahead of time. It might avoid an awkward conversation with TSA.

I'm bringing the baked goods! Do I have to drive?

Nope! If baking a pie or cookies or getting the dinner rolls was your job, all of that is acceptable on the plane. All of the delicious sugary goodness is allowed right in your carry-on. Again, it's a good idea to put it in an air tight container so it makes it to the dessert table.

What about green bean casserole?

A green bean casserole you can dive into.All of you casserole, stuffing, and vegetable side dish people—you too are allowed in the main cabin. It may not look as good as it did when you took it out of the oven, but it is allowed on board.

What if I want to make my potatoes fresh?

If you want to delay mashing until you get to your destination, pack the potatoes! Raw potatoes are allowed to fly in your carry on. Once they're mashed, the TSA reminds "they're not exactly what one would define as a solid"

What can't go in my carry-on?

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