“Westworld” returned Sunday night on HBO, and it was worth the wait.

People around the world have waited nearly 18 months to be taken back to the Westworld park and Delos corporation. We left Season One on a note of pure chaos, and I prayed and hoped thats exactly where Season Two would pick up.

Well, I wasnt disappointed one bit. Dolores and Maeve are woke as hell, and causing complete chaos all over the place. Dolores is wasting people like its a damn video game.

Sundays premiere was nothing but violence and carnage. Ed Harris made his highly-anticipated return as the Man in Black, and now, in his own words, the stakes are real.

His dream has come alive, and were all here for the journey.

@evanrachelwood ANALYSIS: Heres a new look at #Westworld Season 2 before tonights premiere at 9PM on @HBO.
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— Westworld (@WestworldHBO) April 22, 2018

Was it a shade overwhelming? Sure, but thats standard for the premieres for shows like these. The writers were just throwing tons of stuff at us. As we talked about it at work this morning, there appear to be four timelines, and the preview for next week indicates were going back to the old one.

We waited almost 18 months, and we werent disappointed. I cant wait for next week. Shoutout to HBO for producing outstanding content. The next several months of office talk and theories will be incredible. Lets go!

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