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The problems of being a video game grandad - Readers Feature

Things have come a long way since Pong…

An older reader takes stock of his gaming life and explains why he wont be playing much anymore but will keep encouraging his grandchildren.

Been playing games since Pong machines in the 70s and reading GameCentral since the Digitiser days. I shudder to think how many hours/days/months/years Ive put into these favourite pastimes of mine in all this time. Ive enjoyed every minute of it as well, but I just dont have the time now to do this. Being 57 now, and having the responsibilities of being a grandad, what Ive enjoyed as much as playing games/reading GameCentral has been the introduction for my grandson to the wonderful world of video gaming. And seeing the delight now hes gotten older, that when he comes to ours we both enjoy playing video games.

Ive introduced him to the world of Mario, Link, and Samus Aran to name but a few, and not at all confined to just Nintendo well known characters. Over the years Ive collected a lot of gaming merchandise and its all now on shelves in his bedroom, much to the chagrin of my daughter! Due to other everyday commitments, and ill health, I dont play games as much as I was able to do but Im still interested in all things that comes with video games – new releases, new consoles, etc.



But Im enjoying seeing my grandson grow and really have a keen interest in the world of video games as much as I still do. I do stress that theres a world outside of video games and Im pleased he knows this and realises its not good to be on his consoles 24/7, so that to me is a good attitude hes adopted. I do miss the all-nighters I used to have on lots of weekends but I cant complain about anything.

Ive really enjoyed the ride video games have given me but its the young ones turns now to enjoy what Ive enjoyed and let them have the fun Ive had. Id love to play more often but I just dont have the time or the energy to stay up until early hours trying to find solutions to puzzles, etc. that have me stumped. The old grey matter isnt as sharp as it used to be and I dont have the patience to keep dying over and over again (Dark Souls, Im looking at you).

But even though I dont play as often or as long as I used to do, when the mood takes me I still enjoy the worlds and characters video games thrust upon us. If I had my time again would I do it all again, without a doubt. I feel grateful that Ive been there from the start of home video gaming and watching it evolve over the years has been one hell of a ride.



So a big thank you to all those gaming characters Ive been honoured to play as and enter their worlds. Alas, its time now to put on my slippers and have my Horlicks before I turn in for the night. Gaming is for all and every age so enjoy it as much as you can, even if you cant put in the hours you may have done at one time. From a long time player and long-time reader…

By reader fentybonce

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