Via social media, the forthcoming addition to your skyrocketing streaming bill laid out in painstaking detail hundreds of titles that will be in its library when it launches on November 12. I'd call it a humblebrag but there was nothing humble about it. That's sort of the point. As Disney+ enters the crowded market, it's looking to woo customers with sign-up deals, a striking list of known properties and a slim price tag. Nobody does the hard sell like the house of the mouse. The service's hours-long Twitter thread featured the typical lineup — Marvel movies, animated classics, already announced TV shows and "Star Wars" goodies. But buried in the discussion were several lesser-known titles that deserve acknowledgment.This is their moment.

Sequels you forgot existed

"Cinderella III: A Twist in Time" (2007) — There's THREE?!"The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" (2006) — No to that pun."The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" (2002) — This one does not even a subtitle because I bet even it doesn't know what it's about."The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" (2000) — Or, "The Little Mermaid II: Finding Garnier Nutrisse" T
he Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars" (1998) — I guess if you're already doing a movie about an anthropomorphic kitchen appliance, you might as well send it to space.

Someone chose this title for a movie

"Cow Belles" (2006) – I get the pun, but as this movie is not about two popular and attractive cows, it makes no sense. "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire" (2000) — I guess this is also the plot of "Lost Boys" but that movie had the Coreys. "Stepsister From Planet Weird" (2000) — I hate when there are spoilers in titles. "Can of Worms" (1999) – THE POSTER HAS A GIANT WORM."Fuzzbucket" (1986) – You could get away with anything in the '80s."Mr. Boogedy" (1986) — See above."The Cat From Outer Space" (1978) — At least you know what you're getting right when you pass admission on this one.

Millennials, do you remember this?!

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