The Met Gala is one of the most sickening events to take place in America.

My disdain for this embarrassing circus cant be stated enough. Its an excuse for wealthy Americans to get together, throw around tons of money on ugly outfits and then claim its all for the better because its for charity.

Now, dont get confused here. I have nothing against wealthy people. I love money and I appreciate people who have worked hard and smart to have lots of cash. Thats what America is all about.

My problem is that these morons, the same people who scold middle America for voting for Trump, want to throw an elaborate bash and then pretend that theyre doing it because the gala is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan museum of Arts Costume Institute. Why do you have to make a big production out of the whole thing to donate some money? We all know why theyre doing it. The attendees love the fact the cameras are on them, and people talk about how tickets are $30,000 and tables are $275,000. They could easily donate that money to a place that actually needs it without saying a word.

I thought the whole point of charity was that it should be done quietly and for the right reasons. Youre doing it wrong if youre donating money and making sure people know youre participating in a swanky event. You want to go to a flashy event and let people know you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars? Fine. This is America, and I support your freedom to make that decision. Lets drop the charade.

There are many people I know who will go to the grave without the scope of their charitable giving ever being fully known. There will be countless people who never will know where the money, resources and food that benefited their lives came from. Thats the way it should be. It shouldnt be some big donkey circus act.

If you feel the need to prove you have money, then youre not even in spitting distance of having real money. Its that simple.

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