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(Credit: HB Studios/The Golf Club)

In a surprise announcement that has ended up baffling many of their fans, 2K has partnered with Canadian publisher HB Studios to release The Golf Club 2019.

Its not very often a publisher and developer manage to keep the unveiling of a game almost totally under wraps but thats exactly what 2K and HB Studios tried to do as they released The Golf Club 2019.

The press release (for which an NDA had to be signed) included a statement announcing 2Ks partnering with HB Studios and the publishing of the third iteration of award-winning golf simulation series The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR.

This is the first edition of the franchise to include the official PGA TOUR license, giving fans a level of depth and authenticity that simply hadnt been seen in the previous 2014 and 2017 efforts.

Adding to a catalogue of over 170,000 existing user-created golf courses, fans will now be able to hack their way around some of the most recognisable real-world courses in a number of game modes, the most enticing of which appears to be the reworked career mode.



Golfer customisation is more prevalent than ever before but the level of licensing of equipment and products in-game isnt entirely clear just yet. That said, the appearance of Under Armour will give your virtual golfer that extra dash of credibility for those worried about their alter-egos appearance on the tour.

While the above may seem clear, the rollout of the game was not.

Judging by posts on Twitter and Reddit, a handful of eagle-eyed gamers spotted The Golf Club appear on the Playstation and Xbox store a few days ago, while others noticed HB Studios TGC19 forum reemerge after a recent purge of content.

Some users were able to download and play the full game, others could download but were unable to play and some were just frozen out despite their local timezone ticking over into August 28.

There are lots of questions being sent our way and we thought we should state that the offical announcement will be tomorrow. We appreciate that everyone is excited about the game and we will be back then to post more news.

— The Golf Club (@thegolfclubgame) August 27, 2018

Though its announcement has been more chaotic than 2K and HB Studios would have hoped for The Golf Club has once again nailed the timing of their release.

With very little competition on the virtual fairways, releasing the game now should capture almost every golfer looking for both single and multiplayer joy from tee-to-green.

And it is out now.

The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour is available now for digital download worldwide on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Physical retail copies will go on sale in Autumn.




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