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The Game Awards - watch it all without having to watch it all

The Game Awards – watch it all without having to watch it all

From a new Far Cry and Mortal Kombat 11 to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Dragon Age, 4 watch all the new trailers right here.

The Game Awards - where you pleased by what you saw?Games Inbox: What did you think of The Game Awards 2018?

The Game Awards has transformed itself into one of the most important dates on the gaming calendar but its still a very odd event, that most UK gamers probably never see in its entirety because of its mammoth running time and the fact that it doesnt properly start till 2am in the morning.

But because were good like that, weve watched it all so that you dont have to and the following is a run down of all the major game announcements and trailers for the smaller indie titles.

You can also see the winners of all the various awards here, including the – if not shocking then certainly surprising – winner of the Game of the Year award.



Some will be disappointed that many rumoured reveals, such as Metroid Prime 4 and Square Enixs Avengers game, never happened but perhaps the oddest omission was Alien: Blackout, which seemed to be purposefully teased beforehand but never showed up on the night.

If you want to watch the whole four-hour long show then the video is just below, but here are the edited highlights…

The Big News

Sayonara Wild Hearts

The shows first trailer premiere was for this stylish-looking Switch exclusive from the developer of mobile hit Device 6. And no, weve no more idea of whats going on than you have. But we definitely want to find out.

Journey To The Savage Planet

The only problem with The Game Awards format is that the majority of the trailers were pre-rendered and so an awful lot of them ended up looking quite similar. But this not-a-survival-game by new developer Typhoon Studios, with help from Epic Games, did look interesting, as it sported a similarly cynical sense of humour to The Outer Worlds.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

One of our favourite reveals, simply for its sense of humour, this is a long overdue console port of the 2013 first person comedy that features new content and new endings. It might not have won as many narrative awards as The Last Of Us but its just as profound and a lot funnier.

Among Trees

For most of these trailers theres no more information than what you can glean yourself, but the Steam page describes this as a small vibrant survival sandbox set in a colourful wilderness world teeming with life. Its due to enter early access next year.


A new game from Bastion and Transistor creator Supergiant Games is always welcome and this seems to feature their usual style of isometric action adventure. It appears to be more of a traditional roguelike than previous games though, with the son of Zeus trying to escape from his dad. Its in early access now from the Epic Games store.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

The new title from the creator of Assassins Creed has been in development for years now, but then its a game with a pretty ambitious premise: to portray the evolution of mankind from ape-like beings 10 million years ago to the more human-like Lucy. It seems to be primarily an action game, with lots of swinging through trees and learning to use tools, so perhaps more like Assassins Creed than it first appears.

Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island

Microsofts racer picked up the Best Sports/Racing Game award and rightly so, which makes this DLC expansion more desirable than ever. It doesnt seem to be set in the UK anymore, given all the Viking boats and Aurora Borealis, but we dont think anyone will mind when its released on December 13.

Rage 2

Certainly not an indie game, but we already mentioned it in our Far Cry: New Dawn article (since theyre both post-apocalyptic open world games). But as it had one of the best trailers of the night you really dont want to miss it – or the reveal of its May 14 release date.


First revealed during a previous Games Awards event this was described as a survival shooter co-opetition game. Or at least thats how we imagine the developer wanted to spell the mix of co-op and competition, that emerges from trying to survive in a hostile landscape and yet still come out on top yourself. The idea of trying to condense a survival game into more of a shooter style experience is a good one and were interested in seeing more than just a pre-rendered trailer.


As soon as you see four player characters dashing about like this you instantly get an idea of what youre in for, and to be honest the Fortnite-ish art design and Monster Hunter style gameplay did seem a little overfamiliar. Its coming to consoles and mobile in April though and hopes to offer cross-play with every format. Although its currently in open beta on PC if you want to take a look before then.

The Last Campfire

This was introduced as a Hello Games short, the first new game from the creators of No Mans Sky since they started their storied sci-fi project. This seems to be a much more mellow adventure, but exactly how short it is remains to be seen.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Were not sure the constant spam of live action PUGB adverts really did much for the games cause, as they painted a very unrealistic picture of what its like to actually play. What was of interest though is the new snow-filled map, which is available now on PC test servers and will be coming to consoles in January. We particularly liked the idea of being able to track players via their footprints.


A new MMO from the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved, this seems a hugely ambitious new game, with a world thats 12,000 times bigger and with 40,000 players interacting at once. Rather than just dinosaurs it goes overboard with the fantasy elements, as multi-headed dragons and giant krakens take on pirate ships manned by dozens of players. On consoles itll be an Xbox exclusive at first, joining Microsofts preview programme in the new year.

The Pathless

One of the best-looking indie games of the evening, this is the latest from the makers of ABZÛ and seems to be another game influenced by Monster Hunter, except with more fantastical creature designs and a strange landscape that seems to have an upside-down volcano floating in the sky. Were intrigued.

Survived By

Another of the more comedic trailers, this continues the ongoing indie fad for roguelikes, where you play as the next generation of your family line whenever your die. Its not a new idea, and the graphics are very low tech, but it seems like it might be fun and is in early access right now.

Psychonauts 2

This is one game we wont believe exists until were actually playing it, but the trailer is looking pretty impressive – with a first look at some actual platform gameplay. Its Tim Schafers script that will make or break the game but at the moment it all seems very promising, with an art style that looks like the perfect update of the original game and an almost Harry Potter feel to the Psychonauts HQ.


Most of the new Fortnite news, centring around Season 7 and the new Creative mode, was announced yesterday but there was still a few new details at The Game Awards, such as the confirmation of aeroplanes and ziplines and the reveal of The Block. This will be a new space on the island where the top-voted creations from Creative mode will be showcased to the world – which is going to involve a lot of Internet kudos for the people involved.

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