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The big purple cube in Fortnite is on the move again and it is becoming even more predictable.

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Fans of the game have been trying to understand the cube ever since it appeared over the weekend.

Players have been tracking its movements and figuring out what abilities it can give, but it is continuing to develop and change.

Here is everything we know about the cube so far.

What is the cube in Fortnite?

The purpose of the cube isnt yet known but has since started moving every 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Players that shoot it can cause the cube to deal damage to nearby players with electrical shocks and any players who touch it or hit it with their pickaxe can be propelled away.

It is also beneficial for players to stand near it as it can regenerate your shield and it can also be used to jump on and get extra height.



The outcome of what the cube is for will likely not be revealed until the end of season 5 or the start of season 6, which is now less than 30 days away.

Some Fortnite fans have been predicting that the cube will eventually end up at one of the lakes on the map, possibly Loot Lake.

Where is the cube going?

The cube first started moving shortly after it appeared over the weekend and many players have been tracking its progress.

It initially moved near Fatal Fields after 4 days of movement and then stopped there for 24 hours.

After it started moving again it left a mysterious symbol on the ground and then started climbing up the mountain that is north west of Fatal Fields.

What are the runes left behind by the cube?

According to data-miners, there are seven runes that are set to be left on the map by the cube, with the first appearing near Fatal Fields.

After the seventh rune the data says MoveToLake and has convinced many Fortnite fans that this will be the final location of the cube where it will either be within a lake on the map (possibly Lott Lake) or form its own new lake.

The exact purpose of the runes that are being left behind by the cube isnt yet known, but players are likely to find out over the coming days or weeks as more start to appear.

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