Richard couldnt keep it together (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circles Richard Madeley started a private chat with Georgina after getting curious about her colonoscopy bag in her profile picture.

Fronting as Judy, Richard wrote: Listen, loved your second pic update but only realised a bit later that you might have had a really special reason for posting it. Am I right? and then added a love heart.

While making her breakfast, Georgina responded: Yes that picture meant a lot to me. Having that ileostomy bag was a life altering time for me and that picture makes me feel super proud of myself and how far Ive come.

Richard seemed to slowly struggle to keep his composure and had to stop himself from talking to her like a father figure.

He bounced right back to his Judy speak.

He replied: I thought so, and it shows how super confident you are. Basically I didnt even notice. I just saw gorgeous you in a swimsuit. It was only later the lightbulb went on. I think youre amazing, hun.



Both Richard and Georgina both began tearing up as Richard admitted to feeling quite emotional.

Richard Madeley
Richard got curious about the backstory behind Georginas ileostomy bag (Picture: ITV)

We can barely keep it together too, Rich.

If she was my daughter I would be so proud of her, Richard said.

You cant take the dad out of the fake profile created to trick others.

Meanwhile, Georgina sat in the other room clearly affected by the exchange.

She said: This is such a weird feeling. Someone I never met before who might not even be real affecting my emotions with their words, it shows how much the power of peoples words can affect you through social media. And this actually feels really genuine.

However, Richard did feel a little bit guilty for pretending to be Judy as he felt it might not be the same if he messaged her as himself.

Georgina was touched by a complete strangers comment (Picture: ITV)

Thank you so much. Your messages genuinely made me emotional. I did have to think a lot about posting it just because it is quite a frightening thing laying yourself bare and for people to judge, Georgina continued.

I got the bag reverse during surgery last year so Im finally able to go to the toilet out of my bum again. The Crohns disease came back in October so its an ongoing battle #FullCircle if you pardon the pun.

Were not crying, youre crying.

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